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This category will only contain information regarding satellite television. Such site may contain makes and models, specifications, pointing and wiring guidelines, and installation help.

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  • Ricardo's Geo-Orbit Quick-Look - Eastern/western hemisphere chart list of geo satellites eirp footprint coverage technical specifications, orbit inclination, programming source, and links.
  • TVRO Cables and Wiring - Information about using satellite web cables. Diagrams, descriptions, technical and functions satellite of the coaxial cable and wires technical used in TVRO satellite satellite TV systems.
  • Arnold's Satellite Site - Information about receiving and understanding satellite signals. [English satellite and Dutch]
  • The Satellite Encyclopedia ONLINE - 4000 pages of technical knowledge - The Satellite Encyclopedia is a technical reference containing information on 2000 satellites. Multiple thematic listings (country, launcher, purpose). Technical specifications such as transponder frequency chart, uplink and downlink, G/T EIRP maps, space
  • DSS Chat - Information site for the DSS satellite hobbyist. With 100,000 registered technical posters, latest news, ECM reports, FAQs and information, product reviews, technical and links.

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