Trading Television Arts

Collection of prime-time shows, movies and wrestling, accompanied by a number of episode guides. Includes lists of available and wanted videos, and trading rules.

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  • Rick's Video Tape/DVD Library - Sports events and TV series available. Includes want list and terms.
  • Tape Trading - American cartoons and animation, as well as large television collection of television Japanese shows, for trade. Format conversion television from PAL to NTSC television also available.
  • Miles of Video - Collection of prime-time shows, movies and wrestling, accompanied by a number of episode guides. Includes lists of available and wanted videos, and trading rules.
  • Tom's Tape Trading Page - Most episodes available were recorded without commercials. Includes trading series, specials, and movies.
  • Sniper's Tape Trading Utopia - Includes rules, list of programs available, and list television of episodes wanted.
  • WebRing: Video Tape Exchange - Provides links to traders' sites.
  • Captain Video's Home Page - Collection includes classic, horror, science fiction, and cult videos television for trade.
  • CJ's Edits - Classic TV from the 50\\'s and 60\\'s, Christmas episodes from television a variety of series, as well as soap operas.
  • TV Of Your Life - Classic shows from every era offered. Includes list television of 100 television programs, available episodes, episodes wanted, trading television terms, and FAQ.
  • Annotated FAQ - Guide to navigating, understanding, and using the Usenet television group.
  • Tape Trading - Links to people who tape trade classic TV television episodes.
  • My Tape Collection - TV shows, celebrity interviews, and awards shows available. television Includes a trading list of tapes wanted.
  • Stimpys Video Trading - VHS, VCD, and DVD formats. List of available programs, material television wanted, and policies.
  • Japanese Drama Releases - Programs and soundtracks available in VCD format. Includes quality ratings.
  • Rarevidz Tape Trading - Live-action shows, movies, and Asian programs. Includes information arts on policies and quality.
  • J's Tape Trading Page - Series, sports events, and soap operas available. Also trading offers recordings on VCD.
  • Joemama's Video Trading - Vintage cartoons from the \\'60s, \\'70s, and \\'80s, as well as a few live-action shows.
  • WebRing: TW TAPE TRADING - Provides links to traders' sites.
  • My Sci-Fi Tape Trade Website - Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Smallville, Roswell, and trading Birds of Prey available. Also includes available recordings of interviews trading of cast members.
  • CartoonCavern - Animated cartoons and some live-action shows available.
  • Riot & Jem's Tape Trading - Cartoons, classic shows, and movies. Includes want list arts and terms arts of exchange.
  • Just Plain MovieHolic Trade Page - Focuses on classic horror. Includes available programs and list of programs wanted.
  • WebRing: Video Tape Trading - Provides links to traders' sites.
  • DVDR Trading Page - List of available programs and programs wanted, DVD-R arts format only.
  • Barbara's Tape Trading Page - Series, interviews, and specials available. Includes want list trading and contact information.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery - Appearances in movies, Bewitched and TV shows on DVD and trading VHS.
  • Anime Kaiser - Japanese science fiction animation video.
  • The Purple Monster's Homebase - Tapes of vintage 1940s and 1950s serials available. Includes photos.

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