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Creates artworks made from recycled computer parts, crocheted wire, and digital photography transferred onto metal. Some of the items exhibited are for sale.

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  • The Nowhere Van by Skulz - Art car covered in over 5000 stickers and assemblage art other. assemblage art Photos.
  • Mercier, Jason - Using materials such as beans, yarn, candy, pencils, visual arts food and anything else he finds (or you visual arts send to him) Jason will produce intricate portraits.
  • Foley, Peter - Peter Foley\\'s Studio E-6 in Palo Alto, CA,with a gallery of large scale mixed media assemblages.
  • Kaplan, Leo - Found objects composed within a framework. Reminiscent of assemblage art the assemblage art work of Joseph Cornell.
  • Lina Fry - Lina Fry, renown GAZ Group artist, celebrates the millennium with a new series of bold assemblages. Egyptian Heiroglyph, VooDoo, Jesus, Chart, Awash, Peaches, Stay Away, Lovely Bride.
  • Nevelson, Louise (interview) - Conducted by Arnald Glimcher for the Archives of assemblage art American Art in 1972, this interview explores Nevelson\\'s assemblage art life, ideas and wood assemblages.
  • Hines, Roger - Surreal "rooms" that contain enigmatic elements of time and space.
  • Copeland, Dale - Assemblage art from New Zealand in the tradition of Joseph Cornell.
  • Kaufmann, Briana - Creates individually hand-crafted recycled silverware totemic rattles and assemblage art pins.
  • Zorn, Liz - Works in mixed media, including assemblage, and constructions visual arts with assemblage art found objects in an abstract, and expressionist visual arts style.
  • Anthony, Justin - Most pieces are created from elements discovered in assemblage art nature, visual arts the household, recycling bins, yard sales, or assemblage art donated. Profile visual arts of the artist and photo gallery assemblage art of his works.
  • Meltzer, Bonnie - Creates artworks made from recycled computer parts, crocheted assemblage art wire, assemblage art and digital photography transferred onto metal. Some assemblage art of the assemblage art items exhibited are for sale.
  • Bennett Robot Works - Sculptor Gordon Bennett creates named robots from found artists objects, displaying artists his work at City Foundry in artists Brooklyn, New York. Image artists gallery with price list.
  • Beuys, Joseph - A short biography and links to images of assemblage art works assemblage art by this artist associated with the Fluxus assemblage art group. assemblage art Contains details of his 7,000 Oaks assemblage art project.
  • Majeski, Thomas - 3-D wall constructions includes artist\\'s statement, gallery, and visual arts contact assemblage art information
  • deMeng, Michael - Post-modern shrines and totems - assemblage - combining found objects with painting and text to explore themes of the secular and the sacred.
  • Cornell, Joseph - Short commentary on the artist, numerous images of his work.
  • Brady, David - Explore the figure through assemblage and mixed media paintings.
  • Baldessari, John - Biography, information, exhibitions listings and a photo of this California artists artist. No works shown on this site.
  • Hinds, Rene - Whimsical and functional, depicting living presences through using artists the debris visual arts of American culture.
  • Boltanski, Christian - A major exhibition of 17 works at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri in 1998.
  • My Own Tower - Everyday objects become models of skyscrapers. Visitors are assemblage art invited artists to submit their own models.
  • Mr. Imagination - Real name - Gregory Warmack. This prolific artists Chicago artist uses bottle caps, industrial sandstone and artists used paint brushes to create primarily figurative works.
  • Tantaros, MBasil - Lampe Mystique, a gallery of original lighting constructions by the visual arts artist. Each lamp is made from found objects and designed visual arts to be lit 24 hours a day.
  • Levin, Dan - Found object assemblage art including kinetic and illuminative visual arts sculpture.
  • Modes, Wes - Playful and spirited, worn and wonderful, like long lost treasures artists found in an abandoned basement, a collection of sculptures and artists assemblage pieces, most made from found materials, both man-made and artists natural.
  • Razor, JoJo - Bottle project by San Francisco Bay area social artists sculptor on spiritual quest, gifting to the recovering artists alcoholic world community.
  • Kienholz, Ed - Biography and works of the late artist well-known artists for sculptures and environments comprised of found objects artists and elements culled from abandoned buildings.
  • Goglia, Lois - The artist explores the relationship between art, healing and science artists through a combining of traditional art materials with medical supplies. artists Includes image galleries and catalogue essay for the "Genesis" series.
  • Dolan, Ariel - An exhibition of 3D assemblages of small plastic artists dolls. Each visual arts picture represents a specific thought or artists a personal experience. Almost visual arts all were lost by artists an Iraqi Scud missile in the visual arts Gulf War.
  • Fong, Lisa Mei Ling - Artist has traveled to 29 countries, collects objects visual arts and assemblage art creatures (who died of natural causes) and visual arts memorializes them assemblage art in her signature "Introversion Boxes".
  • Johnson, David R. - Petit Musee showcasing assembage, constructions and photographs by visual arts an American artist.
  • Lipski, Donald - Sculptural works that center around the theme of assemblage art the book and incorporate found objects.
  • Poveda, Carlos - Costa Rican artist living in France, with photo artists gallery of recent works, list of shows and artists works in public collections, and biography.

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