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This site gives you the opportunity to take a virtual walk through a 3D environment full of very realistic graphics and animations.

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  • Ocnus - Gallery of 300+ models sorted by category
  • knowscape - Virtual community
  • Mission base - Work from several people, including Peter Graf\\'s huge world "The Earth".
  • Phil's VRML - Examples of work in VRML, including objects, worlds, vrml avatars and experiments.
  • Paul S. Hoffman - Interface Designer - Portfolio site including virtual 3D panoramas and space models
  • Virtual Natraj Temple - The Natraj Temple is a nightclub in Munich, Germany, that you can virtually visit on that site.
  • Jeffrey K. Bedrick - Portfolio site of Jeffrey Bedrick. Includes several quality worlds used computer graphics in the Cybertown community such as "The Pool" and "Inner computer graphics Realms Forest".
  • Apartment project - Apartment is currently an installation at the Whitney 3d Museum of computer graphics American Art in New York and 3d runs until June 10th.
  • Virtualand at Planetmic - Planetmic\\'s Virtualand lets you imagine yourself as the pilot of a space station, or astronaut investigating ships lost in deep space, or a traveller to remote planets.
  • VRML links - Many and various links to vrml showcases
  • The City of Wetzlar - 3D model of the historic city of Wetzlar in Germany.
  • 3D Design: Virtual Planning for Celle - The city of Celle in Germany has developed computer graphics an computer graphics interactive 3D VRML model that showcases the computer graphics planned redesign computer graphics of the city's main square.
  • dFORM: Projects - Various projects from dForm
  • Pointworlds - One of the first multi-user avatar-based clients online (created by vrml Lunatic Interactive back in 1996 for Blaxxun Interactive).
  • Insects - Collection of virtual insects
  • Dynamic Triangulations for Efficient Dynamic Triangulations for Efficient 3D Simulation of Granular Materials - Scientific site dedicated to the research of Swiss researcher Jean 3d Albert-Ferrez and great example of how 3D can be used 3d in science.
  • Avatardom - Java applet reading Avatar Studio files, so they can be embedded in HTML without Blaxxun Contact.
  • WebEarth's models - WebEarth is constructing a live 3D model of vrml the Earth 3d based on a composite of satellite vrml photographs (images library available).
  • VRMLSuck - Contains tutorials, downloads (such as a suite for 3d Dreamweaver and computer graphics add-ins for VrmlPad), links and experiments 3d .
  • GraphicaX in VRML - This site gives you the opportunity to take a virtual 3d walk through a 3D environment full of very realistic graphics 3d and animations.
  • Bacteriophage T4 - Virus (not computer ones) resources and visualisations 3d (VRML 1 and 2).
  • Triptonia - Colorfull multi-user world using Blaxxun Contact.
  • INT3D System - INT3D System is a new online tool which 3d allows the user to create or modify virtual 3d interiors with interactive photorealistic models.
  • e-SEB 's 3D work - Some Sebastian Eggermont's VRML worlds.
  • Visualization of Steel Structures - Accomplished by creating a mapping between VRML prototypes computer graphics and computer graphics the CIMsteel Integration Standards (CIS2).
  • I-Cybie robotic dog - I-Cybie is toy manufacturer Tiger\\'s much-anticipated robotic dog. computer graphics VRML preview available.
  • Udine 3D tour - Guided tour of the ancient city of Udine in northern Italy that takes you through some of Udine\'s beautiful medieval piazzas and streets.
  • Virtual Museum - Japanese 3D site where you can view a vrml variety of plants, animals, fish and insects in vrml a virtual natural history museum (sounds available too).
  • iCity - Realistic 3D city in both English and Hebrew version.
  • Palazzo Bovara - Building in Milano, Italy.
  • Lenire3d.org - Great place to find a beginners work of computer graphics VRML. 3d See great avatars, objects and worlds.
  • Slobodantown 2004. - VRML Trilogy, story about possible society of the future and 3d models for cyberpunk RPG.

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