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Electronic arts, film and music by new media artist Tom Hamlyn. Reviews of cyberculture, techno music and drum&bass here too.

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  • Hawk's Domain - 3D Graphics, fractals, animations and space images.
  • Hoskins, Margaret - Triad^3 is an online gallery, media used include digital, acrylic, and wire.
  • Horiati, Vicky - Bryce and other 3D art, fractals, and animated h GIFs.
  • Hyner, Matthew - Metagraphical Imaging - Includes both 3D, and 2D computer generated artwork.
  • Hecker, Rob - Digital artwork, including yantras and mandalas.
  • Hayes, S.G. - Online portfolio of the artwork and illustrations of computer graphics SG h Hayes.
  • Hjelle, Magne - A gallery of digitally enhanced paintings, drawings, and h photos by this Norwegian artist.
  • Hazard, Jerry - Digital creations and traditional art.
  • Hamlyn, Tom - Electronic arts, film and music by new media h artist Tom Hamlyn. Reviews of cyberculture, techno h music and drum&bass here too.
  • Hutcheson, David - Professional graphic and digital artist. Portfolio of h projects, game, h personal history. [Requires Flash]
  • Holzman, Melanie - Uses Javascript and other HTML/coding techniques as a means of creative expression.
  • Hopkins, Garland - Fine digital art, animations, qtvrs, tutorials, and index computer graphics of h fractal plus public archive of 1500 fractals computer graphics and presets.
  • Hunter, Craig A. - Photo manipulations and layering, done in Photoshop.
  • Hayman, April - Collection of 2D images created using Photoshop and h Painter.
  • Hubner, David - Site and related links for Austrian artist and h designer David artists Hubner founder of formlos and partner h in magdav.
  • Hoehn, Melinda - Free graphics, fantasy art and web art. Animals, magical creatures, fairies, mermaids, wizards, plants, waterfalls, landscapes, seascapes, alien landscapes.

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