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  • Robinson, James - A personal gallery of computer art, created using r Extreme3D, and r Adobe Photodeluxe.
  • Rose, Robert - Collection of geometric digital art. Giclee prints on computer graphics canvas are available for purchase.
  • Repasky, Tom - Flicker Light Studio,unique, original, surreal and abstract digital fine art, short stories, NDE.
  • Landry, K. E. - Inspired in the tessellation graphic art of M.C. computer graphics Escher.
  • Revilla, Manuel - Showcases some of the art and fiction of Manuel Revilla.
  • Rigatuso, Chris - Digital paintings, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and computer graphics computer graphics computer graphics computer graphics abstractions.
  • Riggen, Jack - Digital Fine Art by jaxun
  • Root2art by Harvey Rayner - A collection of 2D digital art, and digital sculpture outlines.
  • Regan, Rosemary - Collection of Bryce, Poser and fractal generated still and animated images.
  • Rixon, John - Digital Art,abstract,and compositions.
  • Rudi, Sigfred - Ligotage digital paintings virtual gallery, 19 digital paintings computer graphics by r Norwegian artist.
  • Raw, Steve - Includes a portfolio, resume, examples of digital animation, ASP development, ADO, SQL, illustration.

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