Charcoal Artists Drawing Visual Arts

Iranian artist dedicated to creating artwork in shades of gray, black and white. Includes a gallery, biography, contact information and links.

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  • Boe, Erin - A selection of charcoal work including figure studies charcoal and abstract style.
  • Charcoal Factory - Galleries of artwork featuring portraits, seasonal themes, and figural work. charcoal Some of the charcoal work is combined with watercolor. charcoal The site offers free web space to college students.
  • Castiau, Laurent - Gothic art with a "dark" theme created by a French drawing artist. Includes a short biography, photos and news about the drawing artist’s exhibitions, contact and ordering information.
  • The Brownassassin's Homepage - Galleries of artwork: superhero sketches, drawings as well artists as artwork artists created in school.
  • Corcoran, Rose - An artist who specializes in realistic and unsentimental drawing drawings of tigers and other large cats. drawing The artist provides brief biographical information, a personal drawing statement, and a list of her exhibitions.
  • Monroe, Gary - Charcoal drawings examine Southern Appalachian folk culture focusing drawing on religious charcoal serpent handlers in Holiness churches.
  • Adarkar, Shraddha - A visual artist in India who specializes portraits. charcoal She also does oil paintings. Contact information and charcoal biographical information available on site.
  • Rahmani, Pantea - Iranian artist dedicated to creating artwork in shades of gray, charcoal black and white. Includes a gallery, biography, contact information charcoal and links.
  • Pyle, Dan - Photorealistic charcoal drawings of nudes and other subjects charcoal for viewing and for sale. Galleries and contact charcoal information for the artist who is located in charcoal West Hollywood.
  • Richardson, Fran - A British artist who makes charcoal drawings and paintings of charcoal domestic interiors.
  • van Eeden, Marcel - Samples of drawings and exhibitions. Includes a bibliography about the drawing artist.
  • Bumstead, Oksana - Realistic drawings of old world architecture. Structural decay charcoal is emphasized artists by the utilization of contrast.
  • Bailin, David - Contemporary drawings include works on paper in charcoal charcoal from artist\\'s studio in Little Rock, Arkansas. Includes charcoal exhibition slide show.
  • Manfrin, Gwen - Narrative and figurative drawings that reflect the angst often felt by teenaged girls. Includes an artist\'s statement and a biography.

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