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Graphite is used to portray his personal experiences with wild animals in the field. Includes artwork, news updates, and a schedule of art shows where his work is on display.

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  • Bonsant, Gary - Canadian artist specializing in pencil drawings mainly of wolves.
  • Richardson, Tom - Portraits and figure drawings from life models. artists A page drawing of links to figure drawing sites artists and resources.
  • Sriram, Ramya - Images of his drawings of birds, beasts, and other subjects.
  • Peña, Lisandro - Realistic drawings created with graphite pencil. Gallery, prints graphite for sale, commission rates, and tutorials. [Flash 6]
  • Tomilin, Leonid - Abstract and expressionistic work by a Ukrainian Artist.
  • Forest, Marc - Gallery of realistic drawings done in graphite, charcoal, graphite and carbon pencils.
  • Thummler, Brian - Abstract and surreal sketches of people, creatures, and graphite sparse landscapes.
  • Dent, Margaret - Equine art, portraits and pets rendered in graphite. artists Drawing artists tips and an explanation of her artists artistic process are offered. artists Originals and prints of artists her work are available.
  • Johnson, Jennifer - Photorealistic portraits mainly of celebrities, sports figures, politicians, models and artists children.
  • Tolman, Ben - Includes gallery, sketch-books, and collaborative work.
  • Machandran, Sureshra - Features a small collection of pencil works including family members artists and famous people.
  • Jones, Kim - A collection of wildlife images by a Texan artist.
  • Merlens, Michael - Felt pen sketches and pencil drawings of celebrities, landscapes, and animals.
  • Speakman, Chris - A Boston based artist presents his architectural renderings artists and urban graphite landscapes. Information about the artist artists is included.
  • Earsite - Pencil drawings that explore the physiological and philosophical graphite function of ears. Each drawing is accompanied graphite by text.
  • Smith, Allen - Original abstract artwork in graphite exploring texture and graphite design.
  • Mersmann, Armin - Naturalistic graphite artwork. A unique observation of the subject composed graphite drawing.
  • Brown, Bernie - Includes wildlife art, cowboy and rodeo pictures, farm scenes, prairie artists scenes and oilfield scenes.
  • Sunderland, Katherine - Original Celtic artwork of Katherine Sunderland.
  • Stacey, Nolon - A collection of realistic graphite drawings. Prints and artists commissioned artwork graphite are available.
  • Neel - Sketches in black and white based on life around us.
  • Sam, Daniel - Pencil drawings and limited edition prints of both male and female models, landscapes and animals by a Canadian artist.
  • VanderSchaaff, Kristine - Detailed pencil drawings of wildlife animals.
  • Rashmi's Pencil Sketches - Realistic drawings done in 2B and 6B pencils. Celebrity graphite portraits and other famous subjects from photographs.
  • Wright, Diane - Artwork of rural landscapes and portraits. Biography and graphite a tutorial. graphite Giclee printing services are also provided.
  • Pitersky, Andrjusha - Fantasy art created from many different subject areas graphite including the graphite artist's own emotional life.
  • Nozdrya, Egor - Amateur drawing exhibition. Paper and pencil only.
  • Miller, Terry - Graphite is used to portray his personal experiences graphite with wild graphite animals in the field. Includes graphite artwork, news updates, and graphite a schedule of art graphite shows where his work is on graphite display.
  • Hillberry J. D. - Pencil drawings and fine art limited edition prints. graphite Gallery themes include western, family, still life and graphite trompe l'oeil artwork.
  • Sibley, Mike - Detailed graphite pencil drawings of dogs and limited and open edition fine art prints. Includes a collection of drawing tutorials.
  • Nylund, Erik - Several galleries that display surreal pencil drawings. drawing Contact information drawing is available.

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