Multiple Media Artists Drawing Visual Arts

Realistic equine art in pencil and pastel. A brief biography of the artist and contact information are included on the site.

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  • Klughart, Tamara - A selection of watercolour paintings, drawings and sketches in cartoon and fantasy style.
  • Fantini, Laura - Examples of realistic art by an Italian artist artists specializing in colored pencil and pastel. Includes curriculum artists vitae.
  • Aran, Pedro - Animation, illustration, drawing, and comic, made in several media and multiple media shown in galleries, with an introduction of the author.
  • Tupper, Virginia - Portraiture, gesture and figurative artwork created by a drawing Canadian artist. Also features hand drawn animation drawing shorts, the artist\\'s animation portfolio, artist\'s statement and drawing biography.
  • Morgan, Sari - Black ink, color and computer enhanced drawings created artists in a psychedelic style.
  • Moses, Henrik - Graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil drawings of realistic drawing portraits, conceptual, artists surrealistic and still life art.
  • Bloemendal-Boshuizen, Diana - Realistic equine art in pencil and pastel. artists A brief artists biography of the artist and contact artists information are included on artists the site.
  • Jackson, Chuck - Galleries of computer graphics and drawings created with several different media.
  • Clark, Andrew - Portfolio of realistic artwork in watercolour, graphite pencil and coloured crayon, including human figure, animals, buildings, and other subjects.
  • Ellis, Carson - Galleries showing art made with pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, wash and other techniques.
  • Hill, Daphne - A gallery of abstract paintings and a gallery drawing of drawings artists that portray fingers in biomorphic landscapes.
  • Hardy, Linda Lucas - Portraiture and fine art in colored pencil and pencil rendered drawing in traditional realism. Provides a gallery and related links.
  • Tyrrell, Katherine - Pastel, pen and ink, and pencil artwork with multiple media flowers, drawing people, animals and landscapes as subject.
  • Bradrick, James - Selected drawings of animation, illustration and character design.
  • Oustinov, Andre - Information about the artist and showcase of his artists drawings, paintings artists and illustrations.
  • Gulliksen, Eivind - Personal sketchbook and drawings for children.
  • Nessim, Barbara - Selection of her works done with traditional media and computer. artists It includes also sketchbooks, essays and articles, and a brief artists biography.
  • Nguyen Dinh, Dang - Nudes, portraits and other subjects drawn by an drawing artist who artists participates in a Tokyo drawing club.
  • Leonard, Amy - Gallery of charcoal portraits and pastel paintings of drawing scenery and multiple media animals.
  • Newsom, Craig - Parts of pen and ink drawings belonging to artists a larger drawing suite. Based on a mythic yet artists decorative themes.
  • Van Erbe, Chantell - Fantasized realism in colored pencil drawings and mixed media paintings drawing primarily in still life themes.
  • Sani's Studio - Presents drawings in colored pencil and graphite by an artist from the United Kingdom. Also has some poetry.
  • Schatzmann, Melissa - Galleries with works in colored pencil, pencil and artists pastel.
  • Wallace, Sarah - A portfolio of exhibition work and home portraits multiple media by multiple media an artist with a degree in Fine multiple media Arts from multiple media Parsons School of Design in Paris, multiple media France.
  • Pender, Heather Gwynnith - A chronology of artwork from pre-adolescence to the drawing present. Includes images, introduction, and comments.
  • Burnette, Monica - Galleries of realistic artwork devoted to portraits, pets multiple media and wildlife in different media: pen and ink, multiple media pastel, graphite and acrylic.
  • Ploss, Gene - Portraits, figures, still lifes and landscapes in graphite, colored pencil, artists ink, watercolor and acrylic.
  • Jansen, Edgar - Portraits and drawings of dancers and musicians in an impressionist style by an artist located in Amsterdam, Holland. Provides photographs of works in process.
  • Clark, Tim - Drawings in dry media: pencil, pastel, and charcoal. drawing Also includes computer illustrations.
  • Lourens, Greg - Graphite and colored pencil portraits by a South African artist.
  • Glass, Randy - Detailed black and white drawings in pen and ink line, pen and ink stipple, watercolor and pencil.
  • Fogarty, Jim - Pencil drawing, airbrush, illustration, graphics and commission work. Works in artists progress that show many stages of the process.
  • Vincent, Jean - Conte crayon, ink, and pencil drawings of old vehicles, people, outdoor scenes, still-lifes and animals.
  • Ross, Amy - Drawings of plants, mushrooms, and animals created with drawing graphite, watercolor multiple media and walnut ink. Provides information about drawing the artist.
  • Howard-Rauls, Deb - Galleries of graphite sketches and pyrography on wood and leather. multiple media Shows how the artist creates her work.
  • Carrescia, Karina - Drawings and paintings of urban landscapes, still lifes and other multiple media subjects.
  • Wrightson, Bernie - Biography and galleries of pencil, ink and coloured drawings made by the illustrator and comic book artist.
  • Jeffs, Scott - Pastel landscapes, pencil drawings and other works on artists paper.
  • Manten, Michiel - Gallery of drawings exploring diverse subjects in charcoal, pencil, and multiple media ink. Includes also a selection of paintings.
  • Rehorst, Thomas - A gallery of drawings devoted to various themes drawing including music, artists singers and war.
  • Pape, Sky - A contemporary abstract artist located in New York artists City. Galleries multiple media of her work, an exhibition schedule, artists reviews of her shows, multiple media resume, biography and contact artists information.
  • Blanton, Sasha - A selection of pencil, charcoal and oil works focused on drawing the human figure with a resume of the artist.
  • Adair, Pauline - Human figure images made in different techniques.

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