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Presents oil paintings, photographs and architectural renderings. Includes surrealist paintings, portraits, abstracts, still lifes, and photography. With an introduction, short statement, and list of favorite artists.

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See Also:
  • Arango, Maria - Original woodcut prints and drawings; information about development of a print studio.
  • Andersen, Kirby Ian - Site for artist K.I.A. featuring large-scale remixable paintings and sculptures as well as smaller static abstracts.
  • Atkinson, Dale - Contemporary British expressionist creates works in several media visual arts which multiple media artists emphasize the human figure. Includes images, curriculum visual arts vitae, and multiple media artists biography.
  • Adame, Susan - California artist presents watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings and works visual arts in pen and ink. Textile art, photography and "flying pig" visual arts boxes are also featured.
  • Arna - A gallery of three wings displaying drawing, painting multiple media artists and illustration.
  • Arrieta, Nadine - Oil paintings and drawings of French Basque artist. multiple media artists Includes a brief biography and galleries.
  • Ankiewicz, Kristen - Features fine art, fun art, and creative experiments.
  • Addy, Randy - California artist presents cast bronze, paintings, and drawings.
  • Anema, Erna - Paintings and jewelry, bowls and vases inspired by visits to Nepal are shown by this Dutch artist.
  • Anichtchenko, Angela - A showcase of work by a Russian artist, multiple media artists now living in Australia, featuring Russian folk art multiple media artists of traditionally painted objects such as spoons, plates multiple media artists and eggs, jewelry, abstract paintings and art using multiple media artists found objects from the sea.
  • Ammons III, Troy Tillman - Presents oil paintings, photographs and architectural renderings. Includes surrealist paintings, multiple media artists portraits, abstracts, still lifes, and photography. With an introduction, short multiple media artists statement, and list of favorite artists.
  • Adrian, Babette - Sculpture, paintings, and drawings by this artist and instructor, who visual arts is based in East Grinstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom. visual arts Also features information on classes offered.
  • Armstrong, Linda - Gallery of samples of acrylics on canvas, photography, drawing, and poetry.
  • AubĂ©, Joycelyne - Multidisciplinary artist, painter, sculptor, draughtsman and a wood multiple media artists craftsman making traditional and modern style furniture.
  • Adams, Mike - Gallery of abstract paintings and cast bronze sculpture multiple media artists by the Seattle-area artist.
  • Alfaro, Angel - Portfolio of mixed media paintings and installation art a by a a Cuban artist. In English and Spanish.
  • Anderson, Richard Ryan - Digitally manipulated photography, computer generated illustrations, traditional visual art, cartoons, visual arts and animations and sound work.
  • Avignant, Philippe - French artist now residing in New York who visual arts works a in enamel paint and mixed media on visual arts canvas board, a and sculpts in metal and clay.
  • Adriani, Susan - Featuring illustrations and pet portraits. Color digital designs, watercolor and pencil works are also presented.
  • Atkinson, Beth - Boston area graphic and fine artist specializing in multiple media artists visual arts web design/development, graphic design, illustration and traditional painting multiple media artists visual arts and drawing. Flash required.
  • Anka, G. - Original paintings, ranging from abstract, to stylized figurative. multiple media artists multiple media artists Also includes digital art, and poetry.
  • Allen, Andrew Walter - Galleries include spiritual symbolic painting, photography, sculpture and design.
  • Amabile, Anthony - Contains works in pastel and oil paintings by multiple media artists multiple media artists this American artist.
  • Auszenkier, Claire - French artist displays paintings, etchings and sculptures with a an emphasis a on the human figure and portraiture..
  • Arnesson, Peter - This site is about the poetry and visual arts images visual arts by this Swedish painter. Including prints, visual arts sculptures, paintings, visual arts biography and story.
  • Augutis, Scott - Contains samples of the surreal drawings, paintings, multiple media artists photographs, three-dimensional constructs, and poems.
  • Augustynowicz, Artur - Showcase of paintings and computer collages, executed in a a dadaistic visual arts spirit.
  • Alexandrovsky, Andrey - Oil paintings, works in tempera and pastels on paper, sculptures multiple media artists in bronze, alabaster and aluminum and medals are presented by multiple media artists this member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
  • Ashley, Louise - Artist displays hand painted porcelain and china, oil, visual arts acrylic visual arts and watercolor paintings, ink drawings and quilts.
  • Anderson, Kari-Ann - Fantasy and wildlife paintings and drawings.
  • Anhorn, Sharon - Combination of copper/aluminum repousse\\' with stained glass; visual arts registration a for workshops.
  • Aiken, Rodger - Art and poetry of multiple genres by a multiple media artists a teenage philospher.
  • Avila, Maria - Artist presents original art including oils, acrylic, mixed visual arts media, collage and assemblage. Includes biography and resume.
  • Akinbolaji, Yisa - Winnipeg based artist of color paints in oil, watercolor, acrylic paintings, mixed media, drawings, wall mural and mosaic.
  • Arakkal, Yusuf - Sculptures and paintings by the artist from southern a India. Includes a list of exhibitions.
  • Anttila, Hanna Maria - Portfolio of video, photo and installation based artworks by this multiple media artists Finnish artist.
  • Anastasia - Profiles the history and media coverage of this visual arts Italian visual arts artist whose sculptures, paintings and drawings emulate visual arts the Italian visual arts Renaissance masters.
  • Appleton, Chris Monette - Featuring painting, drawing, and illustration in mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen and ink, graphite, and charcoal.
  • Aviv, David - Painting and sculpture gallery. Different styles of contemporary multiple media artists and abstract art, including manga, erotic art and multiple media artists art mix.
  • Araiza, Miguel - Image index and description of works in various mediums.
  • Adamovich, Misha - Displays painting, sculpture, jewelry, digital, and standard movie multiple media artists formats.
  • Aleta, Francois - Provides examples of videos, installations, performances and poetry.
  • Albrigtsen, Roy - Samples of paintings, studies in pencil and pastels, woodcuts and prints of nudes by this Norwegian artist.
  • Aoki, Katherine - A tour of her fine art, computer art and multimedia visual arts instruction. Katherine is based in the Silicon Valley.
  • Allen, Pamela - Gallery of assemblage, collage, and mixed media paintings.
  • Allen, Su - Landscape images in oils and pastels are presented multiple media artists multiple media artists along with abstract paintings and giclee prints.
  • Andavall, Russell - Ceramics, writings, digital and photographic images, interactive multimedia multiple media artists a pages, sound, and music from this Oakland, California multiple media artists a artist.
  • Aydiner, Betul - Showing watercolors, ceramic murals and sculptures.
  • Amrhein, Beatrice Valentine - Selection of videos, drawings, photographs and paintings.
  • Arendt, Erhard - Sculpture, architecture, design, social criticism, graphics, and painting.
  • Ancic, Marina - Croatian painter/designer exhibits paper mache works, combined techniques, a and postcard multiple media artists design.
  • Arnao, Pat - Her figurative painting explores the inherent dual nature visual arts of a the human spirit--loss, fear, and ambivlance coupled visual arts with the a will to survive at all costs. visual arts Also exhibits her a graphic designs.
  • Arnold, Brent - Conceptual installations and paintings in oil, acrylic, and mixed media.

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