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Features selected images of the artist's oil paintings, drawings and sculptures. Also, details of the artist's biography and exhibitions are given.

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See Also:
  • Edwards, JonMarc - A portfolio of painting, drawing, sculpture and multi-media visual arts projects that transform typography into works of art.
  • Engelman, Joy - Online gallery of Australian artist. Landscape painter and multiple media artists e photographer.
  • Emmerson, Kris - Presents paintings, sculptures, graphics, and travel photography by visual arts a visual arts fine arts student living in London, England.
  • Eade, Edward - Features selected images of the artist\\'s oil paintings, visual arts drawings and sculptures. Also, details of the visual arts artist\'s biography and exhibitions are given.
  • Edman, W.F. - Personal artist site featuring pastels, charcoals, watercolors, pen visual arts and multiple media artists pencil.
  • Ewing, Charles - Works with a diverse cast of subject matter and in a variety of media, including oils, water media, lithography, and monotypes on fine art panels of his invention.
  • Engler, Martin - Swiss artist exploring different techniques in painting, sculpture, and mixed visual arts media, a biography, and exhibitions.
  • Eschenberg, J. - Art On The Street - A mixed media multiple media artists site by self-taught artist and graphic designer.
  • Embrey, Angela - Offering portraits and other original fine art, as e well as web design.
  • Easley, Anne Smith - Work shown includes hand-painted egg-shells, pen and ink, multiple media artists pencil, oil, and watercolor.
  • Ellis, Rob - Painting, prints and digital artwork. Provides a brief multiple media artists multiple media artists biography, galleries and upcoming events.
  • Erwin, Russell - Features commissioned murals, portraits, Master copies, Trompe L\\'Oeil, multiple media artists e faux finishes, sculpture, gilding, still life, landscape, figurative multiple media artists e art
  • Elias, Sheila - Paintings and sculptures about art history and contemporary visual arts urban issues, a biography and reviews.
  • e-motifs - Digital art, paintings, satyric articles, and music.
  • Espinosa, Joey - Drawings post-processed in Photoshop and Illustrator, acrylic and mixed media visual arts painting, photography, and design.
  • Erchinger, Ursula - Abstracted portraits, figures, and landscapes painted in oil and tempera multiple media artists with preliminary sketches in charcoal and graphite.
  • Ecuyer, Barry - Digital art, scultpture, paintings, teddy prints and personalised greeting cards.
  • Estella - Painter, drawer and photographer. Provides galleries and a guestbook.

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