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Collection of monotype prints, gravures, drawings, industrial designs and photographs by this professor of drawing uses design principles popular during the high Renaissance. The site uses many rollover buttons derived from the images to which they are l

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See Also:
  • Giordano, Joan - Sculpture and works on paper.
  • Gorham, Heather - Selected paintings, sculpture, and mixed media.
  • Genek, Zdzislaw - Fantasy and wildlife paintings, sculptures, and illustrations.
  • Goard. Michael - A gallery of paintings, sculpture, jewelry, artifacts and g design services.
  • George, Paul St. - Mixed media sculpture, digital, and multi media art. [Shockwave]
  • Geisler, Paul - photographic, video and painted artworks by Paul Geisler
  • Genovese, Carl - Oil paintings and pen and ink drawings of wild life, landscapes, collages,still life and Western and Civil War guns; some prints available.
  • Genton, Monique - Canadian artist working with painting, photography, collage, digital multiple media artists visual arts art, and video.
  • Glynn , Anna - Australian artist explores the worlds where stories, memories and dreams visual arts entwine.
  • Gregson, Bob - Conceptual artist working in painting, photography and digital visual arts art multiple media artists plus interactive situations.
  • Gammill, Carol - Original oil paintings and digitally created graphics.
  • Goudie, Jo - Unicorns World, showcase of traditional and digital artwork g by self-taught multiple media artists amateur.
  • Gorenstein, Marcus - Montreal artist creates paintings, drawings, sculpture and architectural g stained glass visual arts of landscapes, cityscapes, women and portraits. g Includes images and biography.
  • Gregory, Ken - Visual electronics as installations, video, multi-media, interactive works, visual arts and visual arts audio collage.
  • Garberina, Angie - Features mostly bronze scepters, and lithographic prints.
  • Gattamorta, Alan - A gallery of ceramic, watercolor, and collage artwork. visual arts In multiple media artists English and Italian.
  • Grzybowski, Peter - New York artist presents a virtual portfolio of his work in painting, performance art, and multimedia.
  • Graham Heyd, Kathryn - A site introducing paintings and photographs of a new artist.
  • Giada C. - Gallery of portraits, illustrations, paintings, fantasy and digital multiple media artists visual arts artworks.
  • Ghiglieri, Lorenzo - Presents realistic bronze sculptures, drawings, and oil paintings.
  • Gandini, Marzia - Oil paintings with the human figure as central visual arts theme. visual arts Also digital images and sculpture.
  • Grimm, Mark Edward - Minimalist work in video, sound, photographs, installations, and g painting by New York artist.
  • Grau, Carmen - Figurative sculptures in bronze and terra-cotta, and landscape visual arts paintings visual arts in oil.
  • Georges, Frank Leonard - Drawings, painting, sculptures and workshops.
  • Garnet, Eldon - Toronto-based artist displaying photography, sculpture, writing and public visual arts art.
  • Green, B. L. - Specializes in original watercolors, reproductions, teaching, graphic and web design.
  • Guadagnoli, Maurizio - Gallery of sculptures, paintings and photography. In English visual arts and multiple media artists Italian.
  • Guth, Heinz - Oils, watercolours, and drawings of nudes.
  • Goldberg, Ken - A collection of net art with lectures g on Art visual arts and Technology, reviews, and biography.
  • Green, Gerald - Examples of Architectural Illustration and Fine Art watercolour work.
  • Grimes, Stephanie - Features bronze and clay sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, pen and multiple media artists ink drawings with an emphasis on bird and animal themes.
  • Graves, John Maitland - Collection of monotype prints, gravures, drawings, industrial designs multiple media artists visual arts and photographs by this professor of drawing uses multiple media artists visual arts design principles popular during the high Renaissance. multiple media artists visual arts The site uses many rollover buttons derived from multiple media artists visual arts the images to which they are l
  • Gray, Shawn - Selection of acrylic on canvas paintings and sculptures multiple media artists from the contemporary Australian artist.
  • Goncalves, Romulo - Mixed media installations, paintings and drawings accompanied by philosophical texts g by this Portuguese artist.
  • Gecko - Oil paintings, illustration, computer animation, and graphic design.
  • Golubinsky, Liliana - Presents images of the work of the Argentine multiple media artists visual arts artist, as well as curriculum vitae and articles.
  • Grow, Lana L. - Abstract mixed media collages and paintings using acrylics, g inks and watercolors and a variety of other g media.
  • Gerbstadt, David Michael - Collection of paintings, drawings, and installations.
  • Guerrera, Tania - Pastels, drawings, mixed media works, also poems and multiple media artists essays.
  • Gonzalez, Ismael - Artist, designer, and cartoonist shows his paintings and functional art which includes clocks, lamps, telephones and assemblages, all made from unusual and intriguing objects.
  • Göllner, Adrian - Ranging in style from hard-edge abstraction to high multiple media artists g realism to pop art, Adrian\\'s work puns multiple media artists g and plays with suburban aesthetics and contemporary art.
  • Gitta, Pekker Sovak - Realistic and allegorical themes in oils, pastels, and watercolors; Also works in stained glass. Includes portfolio of the Hungarian artist.
  • Grima, Antonella - A presentation of paintings and digitally enhanced photography multiple media artists multiple media artists by this young Maltese artist.
  • Gridine, Francoise - Painting and poetry presented in a virtual photo-realistic g gallery environment.
  • Goodwind, Heather - Sculpture, drawing and collage of Buenos Aires based, New York g artist.
  • Gallardo, Rafael - Paintings, poetry and tales.
  • Gersch, Wolfgang - Contemporary mixed-media painter and computer artist. Blends painting, airbrush effects and mixed media techniques.
  • Gene Gould's Art Studio - Original figurative paintings, drawings, and sculptures by contemporary multiple media artists artist, and comments about how and why they multiple media artists were made
  • Gazda, Paul - Painting, photography and assemblage melded into a visual g symphony comprised multiple media artists of three series: Archetypal, Didactic, and g Household Icons.
  • Grace, Judy - Paintings, computer graphics, object based art, and sculpture.

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