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Paintings and sculpture, regularly attracted by "figurative art", in all of its aspects, from the gigantique nature of architecture to the more minute characteristics of jewelry.

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See Also:
  • Holmes Smith Armstrong, Sandra - Canadian photographer, craftsperson and digital artist. Provides galleries h and links.
  • Hollingsworth Hanlon, Martha - Portraits, sculpture, art objects, murals, trompe l\'oeil paintings, and installations.
  • Hynes, Robert - Original artwork in oil, and hand blown glass.
  • Huynh, Marlon - Artist who works in traditional and digital media. h Creates caricatures, h paintings in acrylic, and drawings in h charcoal and graphite.
  • Hudson, Josh - A compilation of photography and paintings.
  • Houllier, Alexandre - Paintings and sculpture, regularly attracted by "figurative art", visual arts in all of its aspects, from the gigantique visual arts nature of architecture to the more minute characteristics visual arts of jewelry.
  • Hershman, Lynn - "Private Eye"; links to video and internet installations, visual arts selected h thumbnails of recent photography, quicktime movies, film visual arts and video h sites.
  • Hushlak, Gerald - A painter and computer artist creates online interactive h 3D sculpture, h and exhibits real time sculpture, paintings, h digital prints, installations, and h a biography.
  • Hirakawa, Shigeko - A presentation of installations, land art, paintings, sculptures, h environmental art, and writings.
  • Hung, May-Hung - Imaginary creatures and figures in mixed media, watercolor, and print.
  • Hough, Martin - Online gallery detailing the artist\\'s work using various media such as acrylic and oil.
  • Hansen, Jonathan - Boston area artist, with a portfolio of oil h paintings, and computer graphics.
  • Holt, Chloe - Paintings, drawings, sculpture, illustration.
  • Helnwein, Gottfried - The official web site including drawings, mixed-media paintings, visual arts collection of self-portraits, photography, performance, and sculpture. Some visual arts of the images might be considered disturbing.
  • Harrison, John William - Portfolio of an artist, based in California, who h is also visual arts known as Manila Ryce. Includes weblog h that comments on world visual arts news from the prospective h of an ideologically independent writer.
  • Hunter, Josh - The collected paintings, colored pencil drawings and graphic multiple media artists art of a student at the Chicago Art multiple media artists Institute.
  • Hobart, Clinton - Portraits, figurative work, still lifes, and illustration created with oil, visual arts pencil, pastel, and watercolor. Information about the classes and workshop visual arts the artist teaches.
  • Hoptman, David - Fine art photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Includes h images and visual arts a short statement.
  • Herron, Tod - Working portfolio of the artist\'s printmaking, painting and drawings.
  • Holtom, Robin - Exhibits expressionist landscape and figurative paintings, figurative sculptures, and monoprints.
  • Hetland, David J. - Stained glass, glass mosaics, painted murals, liturgical multiple media artists h and graphic design.
  • Hung, Anson - Traditional drawings, photography, and 3D Studio Max and Rhino generated h computer graphics.
  • Herman, Sam - Illustrations and information on art work that includes visual arts painting, visual arts sculpture and glass.
  • Hall, David - Video and installation artist, TV interruptionist, sculptor, and visual arts filmmaker.
  • Hokanson, Eric - Includes galleries of paintings, illustrations, and photography.
  • Higdon, Sarah - Contains paintings and black and white illustrations.
  • Hales, Mick and Simoneau-Hales, Christine - Professional photography and painting. Provides artist\'s profiles and galleries.
  • Held, Andy - Collection of 3D computer graphics, and travel photography.
  • Hoile, Lasse - Danish artist's photography, collages, music, and short films.
  • Hurtado, Jorge - Painting, illustration, and web design.
  • Hetrick, Sue - Features hand crafted pottery, functional glass art, and visual arts wire wrapped jewelry. Enola, Pennsylvania.
  • Herring, Cecil - Digital art, paintings, large limited edition signed prints, visual arts space art themes, Florida landscapes, florals, figurative, visual arts realistic works.
  • Heinrich, Thomas - Collection of fantasy and portrait airbrush and computer rendered art.
  • Hasler, Gino - Fantasy paintings, travel photography, and realistic illustrations.
  • Hasler, David R - American rustic artist shows traditional, frontier and military visual arts theme visual arts paintings in acrylics on canvas and pencil visual arts on Bristol visual arts board.
  • Huth, Gerald - Displays a selection of expressionistic mixed media paintings, and collages.
  • Havlock, Joey - The Official Web Site of Ultraist artist.
  • Haas, Monica - Drawings in pencil and sculptures in various media. Computer generated graphics, logos, banners and web design are also offered.
  • Horiati, Vicky - Collection of oil paintings, virtual reality, video and h 3D computer h art, and fractals.
  • Hardiman, Josephine - A range of detailed paintings, drawings, and calligraphy h as well h as providing lessons for amateur artists.
  • Holle, Fred - Displays samples of his paintings, drawings, prints, and visual arts proofs, multiple media artists with an introduction. Also has samples of visual arts his instructional multiple media artists videos on figure drawing.
  • Hoffman, Moshe - Painter, sculptor and poet(1938-1983).

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