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Original watercolor paintings, handcrafted cards, and jewelry designed by the artist as well as a techniques page for the watercolor artist

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  • Jasmine, Brandi - Featuring traditional painting and drawing, clipart, digital art, visual arts and photography.
  • Jofke - Fantastic and symbolic drawings, and oil and gouache paintings. Also includes original Cyrillic fonts.
  • Jacobs, James Q. - Display of artwork from Oregon based Anthropologist, Archaeologist multiple media artists instructor and artist. Galleries include pottery, ink renditions, multiple media artists woodcuts and paper casts.
  • Jeffery, Neil - Stylized and colorful, digital vector illustrations, sketches, mixed multiple media artists visual arts media paintings and graphic design.
  • Jacinto - This site contains artwork from the journal and visual arts computer j of an artist living in the Sacramento visual arts Valley of j Northern California. There are images visual arts of pencil drawings, j paintings, and computer generated artwork.
  • Janssens, Daniel - Figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures. In English and French.
  • Janicke, Gregory - Portrait, and figurative paintings, rendered in a fauvist visual arts palette, j and drawings.
  • Jaubert-Segond, Stephane - Contemporary paintings, photographs, and drawings by this artist living multiple media artists in Paris and exhibiting in Europe and the USA.
  • Jacobs, Peter - Artist offers gallery of collage, mixed media, photography j and painting. Includes biography and exhibition information.
  • Johnson, James W. - Gallery of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, and digital art. [Windows Media Player]
  • Jinkins, Fred - Watercolor and oil paintings, drawings, and woodcut prints.
  • Jones, Lee - Presents his photorealistic acrylic paintings of the female nude, and visual arts short multimedia clips based on his acrylic nudes and on visual arts non-representational forms. Includes biographical note.
  • Joy, Jacque - Original watercolor paintings, handcrafted cards, and jewelry designed by the multiple media artists artist as well as a techniques page for the watercolor multiple media artists artist
  • Jean, Gloria - Experience the award winning writings and art of Northern California Artist
  • Johansen, Tony - Artist of Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia provides a multiple media artists multiple media artists gallery of paintings, sculpture, digital art, drawing and multiple media artists multiple media artists poetry. Includes biography, writings, commission and contact information.
  • Johnson, Erik - Pen and ink and digital artworks.
  • Jansheski, Jay - Drawings, paintings, mixed media and narrative.

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