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Professional Australian artist working in oil, watercolour and mixed media. Detailed notes on painting techniques and methods, and information on art materials. Updated regularly with watercolour and mixed media instructions and notes on design and colour

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See Also:
  • Lisina-Kravets, Alexandra - Figurative works in oil, gouache, and pastel. Also includes prints visual arts and computer graphics.
  • Levenson, Dan - Portfolio of work and exhibition information by the multiple media artists l Brooklyn, New York based artist.
  • Lottenbach, Rita - Swiss-born drawer and painter. Provides a biography, gallery, links, forum and contact details.
  • Lyne, Alison Davis and Frank - Illustrations in various media, and wood carvings.
  • Lappalainen, Mirna H. - Includes portfolio of paintings and drawings, web projects, visual arts web multiple media artists design and links to other artsites.
  • Lartigaud, Jean Michel - Presentation of Aubusson tapestries, paintings, prints, and collages.
  • Leastar, Eoin de - An Irish artist in command of many styles from classical visual arts religious painting to bronze sculpture to abstraction. Over 100 visual arts images on this site.
  • Lalonde, Cerj - Abstract paintings, installations, digital compositions, collages, and photography.
  • Luvaas, Lucinda - Paintings, drawings, animations, painted sculpture, and music.
  • Ludwig, Elke - Virtual display of expressionist paintings, drawings, and etchings.
  • Lachlan, Ranna - Contemporary abstract, figurative, ei-shodou, and experimental art in acrylics, mixed media, and light refractive media. Features current work and upcoming shows.
  • Lahm, R.A. - Painting Gallery. Paintings in oil, acrylic, egg tempera, pastel, and watercolor.
  • Lemon, Marilyn - A collection of paintings in oil and watercolor by this visual arts Canadian painter. Illustrations are also shown with short descriptive passages.
  • Lake, Ellen - Bay Area artist working in video, interactive sculpture, and installation.
  • Lee, Ruby - Contemporary figurative paintings, drawings, and sculpture.
  • Lecomte, Dominique - New-England, the American West and Cambodia seen by a French visual arts artist living in the USA.
  • Longo, Franco - Presents work in drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital and conceptual visual arts art by an artist from Salerno, Italy. Images and visual arts curriculum vitae.
  • Luchian, Iuri - Moldovan-born artist depicts landscapes, female nudes, and still lifes in l oil on canvas, multimedia, watercolor, and drawing. Includes biography and l resume.
  • Le Comte, Jan - Creates caricatures, computer graphics, fractals, drawings and illustrations. Provides a brief profile, galleries and links.
  • Lambert, Heather and David - Watercolors, color pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, oils, visual arts cartoons, and textiles and beadwork by these Native visual arts American artists.
  • Lagroix, Caroline - Ottawa artist shows abstract works including paintings, drawings, digital pieces, and photography.
  • Lemmons, Mardy - Expressive nudes done in mixed-media, and digital paintings.
  • Lucas, Christopher - Showcases oil paintings, and mixed media sculptures.
  • Lykins, Beth - Portfolio of photography, clay works, new media and visual arts design. visual arts Includes new media tutorials.
  • Lew, Seth - Features expressionist digital, and traditional paintings.
  • Luner, Karin - A cross-section of her art, featuring paintings, drawings, prints, and multiple media artists installations.
  • Lugus, Merike - Sculpture and paintings, figurative works and nature inspired images in a variety of scales.
  • LoCurto, Lilla and William Outcault -, a project with artist mapping their figures using a multiple media artists whole body scanner and cartography software.
  • Lanfermeijer, Suzanne - Dutch painter and photographer exhibits both abstract and l figurative works multiple media artists including \'Body Negatives\' series of oil l painting on transparent plexiglass.
  • Lent, Don - Paintings and etchings representing a range of subjects from nature visual arts studies to architectural and interior compositions. Includes images, biography, and visual arts exhibition list.
  • Larsen, Sarah - Examples of the artist\\'s current work; biography, exhibition visual arts and multiple media artists contact details.
  • Lerman, Juan-Carlos - Paintings, prints, multi-mixed-media images, digital-derivatives, and drawings.
  • Lamar, Rom - Luxemourg artist\\'s gallery of abstract paintings, masks and visual arts sculptures. Includes biography and exhibition photos.
  • Lachaud, Claude - A French artist living in New York displays acrylic paintings, multiple media artists and painted glasses.
  • Leegwater, Bram - An artist of graffiti and traditional drawing and painting; portfolio visual arts includes cartoons and animation.
  • Long, Herbert - Features painting, and bronze sculpture in styles ranging from abstraction l and modernism to realistic portraiture .
  • Lam, Peter (Ho Kai) - Displays watercolors, oils, pottery, and snow sculptures by multiple media artists multiple media artists Hong Kong born artist.
  • Lovett, John - Professional Australian artist working in oil, watercolour and l mixed media. visual arts Detailed notes on painting techniques and l methods, and information on visual arts art materials. Updated regularly l with watercolour and mixed media instructions visual arts and notes l on design and colour
  • Lieu, Richard Beau - Acrylic cubist paintings, and abstract steel and bronze l sculptures.
  • Lee, Cecil - Featuring computer graphics, sculpture, and mixed media works.
  • Longobardi, Pam - Georgia artist displays paintings on objects, photo-intaglio on visual arts paper, multiple media artists installations, and collaborative work.
  • Lipski, Donald - The artist has created many award-winning sculptures and installations. Gallery of his work and other information about the artist.
  • Lolley, Kathleen - Black and white paintings, illustrations on parchment, and animation clips.
  • Larner, Holly - Paintings ranging from descriptive realism to the abstract. Also includes visual arts installations and ceramics. Provides a portfolio and links.
  • Lyle, Elizabeth - Paintings, prints, and stained glass that feature surreal multiple media artists and psychedelic themes.
  • Luce, Colin J. - Chicago based artist presents a gallery of paintings, visual arts drawings visual arts and animation with a graffiti-esk style on visual arts the subject visual arts of paranoia.
  • Lacy, Jean - Spiritual Mosaic - Collection of mixed media, collage, l assemblages and stained glass designs aligning ancient with l modern forms to express Afro-American urban life.
  • Lee, Sujin - Part One of the Cowboy Trilogy - Visual multiple media artists l artist, portfolios(photos, painting, prints, and graphics), poems and multiple media artists l artist's statement.
  • Lewis, Karen K. - Exhibiting figurative, landscape, and still life oil paintings, visual arts etchings, multiple media artists and drawings.
  • Lynn, Christopher - Ohio based artist exhibiting paintings, installations, and Flash l movies.

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