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Information on and images of a series of projects including everted teddy bears, reconstructed jigsaws puzzles, snow globes, architectural plans and romance novel covers. Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Ritchie, Carole - Containing samples of paintings, computer graphics, illustrations, web design and multimedia work.
  • Roberts, Wayne Anton - Watercolor portraits, abstracts, science-inspired compositions, seascapes, drawings, generic landscapes, art visual arts essays, and some Flash-animations by this Australian artist.
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  • Rickert, Wesley - Expressionistic paintings and abstract metal sculptures.
  • Radic, Theo - Works by California artist including paintings, prints, poetry and sheet music for guitar. (MIDI and MP3 recordings of music)
  • Rotin, Lynn - Mahone Bay artist from Nova Scotia, Canada presents gallery including visual arts oil and mixed media paintings, installation and drawing.
  • Rhodes, Mike - Displays paintings, drawings, illustrations, together with some Lancashire multiple media artists dialect poetry and educational art work.
  • Ross, Michael K. - Artwork by Norwegian-American realist painter and sculptor. Organized into multiple media artists different bodies of work, including landscapes, figurative painting, and figurative multiple media artists sculpture. Also contains search features and biography.
  • Rona, Jaroslav - Czech artist\'s enigmatic paintings, sculptures, and painted glass windows.
  • Ruiz, Lesley - Presents a portfolio of computer art, and drawing.
  • Rowe, Julian - A contemporary artist working in media that border multiple media artists between painting and sculpture, including installations and artist\\'s multiple media artists books.
  • Reed, Alan - UK children\\'s book illustrator and political caricaturist. Includes profile, essays, multiple media artists image and video galleries, and FAQs.
  • Robertson, Craig - Contemporary mixed media figurative paintings and drawings, digital art and photographs. E-cards are available.
  • Revich, Allan - Visual artist, curator and gallerist, musician, and founder of Aldeism.
  • Reeves, Mark - Presents paintings, photographs, posters, prints, and sketches by multiple media artists r the British artist. Includes images, biography, and multiple media artists r message board.
  • Rogowski, Kent - Information on and images of a series of visual arts projects multiple media artists including everted teddy bears, reconstructed jigsaws puzzles, visual arts snow globes, multiple media artists architectural plans and romance novel covers. visual arts Brooklyn, NY.
  • Rhoten, Ruth - Painter of acrylic paintings; goldsmith and silversmith creating modern r holloware, ritual objects and jewelry. Provides a gallery and biography.
  • Rabinowitz, Gloria - Paintings, drawings and graphic design; vibrant and colorful r landscape and r cityscape paintings in oil, watercolor and r pastel.
  • Ross, Keith - Scottish artist, animator, and web designer showcasing paintings, multiple media artists murals, and animations.
  • Robinson, Priscilla - Contemporary paintings, wall sculptures, and corporate installations.
  • Rybczynska, Joanna Maria - In the collection; Pastels, oil on canvas, watercolours, multiple media artists multiple media artists and photography.
  • Rothermel, Mary - Architectural models, sculpture and paintings.
  • Reber, Dominic - Contains some watercolour paintings, pencil, and marker sketches.
  • Robin - Includes original paintings, photographs, and Web design.
  • Ro - A visual gallery of paintings and photographs by r emerging artist.
  • Rani - Meditative and life-affirming art by Rani B. Knobel. Paintings and multiple media artists objects mirroring the beauty of existence. Includes biographical introduction and multiple media artists images. English and German.
  • Rosseland, Jarle - Norwegian painter and printmaker exhibits his works.
  • Riggs, Wayne - Abstract paintings, and photography, influenced by Italy, life, and time.
  • Roorda, Paul - Portraits and mixed media work using natural materials and dealing with ritual and religion.
  • Reekers, Ron - Landscape and figurative artwork in a variety of media such visual arts as oil, pastel, graphite, and charcoal.
  • Robles, Evert A. - Amsterdam-based artist challenges you to look deeper, beneath visual arts the multiple media artists surface, and into the Soul. Paintings, photography, visual arts and digital multiple media artists art.
  • Russell, Bridget - Galleries of painted stones, acrylic paintings on canvas, multiple media artists multiple media artists watercolours, and digital photography.
  • Rowe, Jim - Canadian artist exhibiting naive figurative paintings and symbolic multiple media artists multiple media artists pencil illustrations. Includes images and biography.
  • Rease, Jeffrey S. - Birmingham, Alabama artist, photographer, and graphic designer. Portfolio r of work and information on portrait commissions.
  • Ryan, CiarĂ¡n - Portfolio includes audio/video, writing samples, cartoon illustration and photography from multiple media artists UK artist.
  • Rye, Marcy - Presents her contemporary expressionistic paintings in various media, as well multiple media artists as her web designs. Also has her thesis project in multiple media artists light art, and various projects outside of the visual arts.
  • Richardson, Hollis - Portfolio of paintings and sculptures. Subjects are often whimsical and done in a stylized or expressionistic manner.

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