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Paintings and computer art, in collages and assemblages, he sometimes collects artifacts from his own past to show us how even the smallest and the most ignored little things can tell us about culture, nature and life.

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  • Wahlbeck, Carlo - Swedish-born artist exhibits cast paper artwork, paintings, original jewelry, and giclee on canvas.
  • Walker, Steve - A collection of surreal, impressionistic oil paintings, mixed w media and visual arts digital art.
  • Whitehurst, Andrew - Still and animated 3D computer graphics, paintings, and w drawings.
  • Wiener, Daniel - Abstract sculpture, and painting. Also includes animation, and design.
  • Waaldijk, Frank - Artist now living in Holland paints, sculpts, and multiple media artists multiple media artists draws. Includes images, CV, exhibitions, and mathematical multiple media artists multiple media artists work. English and Dutch.
  • Waterman, John - New Zealand artist presents poetry, pottery, and digital multiple media artists multiple media artists graphic art with a philosophical text.
  • White, Susan Dorothea - This Australian artist displays sculptures made of endangered and recycled visual arts woods, stone carvings and bronzes. Included are acrylic paintings, drawings visual arts and lithos.
  • Wilson, Kenneth Ray - A North West artist, living and working in Portland, Oregon. Works in oils, acrylics and mixed mediums, an artist with diversified subject matter.
  • Wells, Hathan - Mediums include oil painting, printmaking, monotype etchings, water color and graphic design.
  • Winter, Ullrich - Arts, paintings, drawings, etchings and woodcut done by visual arts a visual arts master of arts.
  • Weaver, Micheal - Provides a gallery and a brief profile of multiple media artists the Atlanta-based painter and sketcher.
  • Wolf, Kirsten - Portfolio of animations, Flash movies, drawings, and carvings by this multiple media artists Australian artist.
  • Watts, Jama - Specializes in photography, colored pencil, acrylic and cloth multiple media artists paintings and clay sculptures. Includes a biography, exhibitions multiple media artists listings and links.
  • Wheeler, Daniel - A L.A. based sculptor, installation, and performance artist.
  • Wells, Katrina - Mediums include acrylics, pastels, oils, watercolors, photography and digital art. w Provides a gallery, resume and biography.
  • Woodall, Roger E. - Showcases figurative sculptures in a variety of media, drawings, and w computer graphics.
  • Williamson, Nanci Jennings - Art with spiritual and fantasy themes, done in digital, watercolor, w and mixed media.
  • Wood, Ron - Portfolio of paintings in acrylic in board, prints, visual arts and multiple media artists sculpture.
  • Wastweet, Heidi - Sculptures in bronze and cast paper, drawing and infrared photography. visual arts Provides a biography, galleries and list of past exhibits.
  • Warunek, Ronald - Art, science, and technology - Oil paintings on canvas, chemical w paintings, holograms, drawings, as well as paintings capable of change w and transformation.
  • Wagner, Mark - Digital and traditional artist. Portfolio includes concept art, w fine art, and graphics and web illustration. w Resume, stories, information on Hearts and Bones Studio w art classes and his current projects.
  • Weathers, Heather - Painter, sculptor and performance artist. Provides a personal statement, upcoming events, resume and samples.
  • Wahlbeck, Kent - Paintings and computer art, in collages and assemblages, he sometimes collects artifacts from his own past to show us how even the smallest and the most ignored little things can tell us about culture, nature and life.
  • Wood, April - Features watercolor paintings, drawings, photography, and poetry.
  • Willett, Patrick - Western New York artist displays watercolor paintings, pen and ink w drawings of architectural landmarks, and photography.
  • Walsh, Heidi - Gallery of 3D computer graphics, landscape and still life oil w paintings, sculptures, and poetry.
  • Wood, Robert S. - Oil paintings, prints, and photogravures by a Hampshire multiple media artists (UK) artist. Including many on the theme of multiple media artists working and racing barges on the river Thames.
  • Wirth, Tim - USA. Includes biography, galleries of paintings, drawings and visual arts woodblock multiple media artists prints, exhibition news.
  • Wock, G. Rae - Abstract expressionistic acrylics, and sculptures.
  • Wise, Sibille - Sculptures, drawings and paintings of totems and people. Sculptures for visual arts public sites made of copper or wood.
  • Warnock, Tim - Concept art in illustration and matte painting.
  • Walderveen, Bob van - Dutch multi-media artist 1931-1995. Abstract-surrealism, colourful oilpaintings and sculptures, also composer and tropist.
  • Williams, Marisa Allegra - Gallery of a self-taught calligrapher, photographer, and book multiple media artists multiple media artists artist.
  • Wright, Jon - Oil paintings, photography and other creative works of w Minnesota artist.
  • Wilson, Anne - A research project includes an archive of responses about the multiple media artists meanings of hair loss in relation to gender, age, health, multiple media artists sexuality, and cultural difference.

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