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A commercial gallery. Bilingual (German and English), with many images of African items. Also has a section describing ongoing African art related exhibitions and events elsewhere.

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Art and Life in Africa Project* - An extremely rich source of information on African art and its cultural contexts. Based on the Stanley Collection at the University of Iowa.
The Maurer Collection* - Collection of artifacts used in rites of divination in Central and West Africa. Extensively illustrated with scholarly text.

  • Hamill Gallery of African Art - A commercial site with nicely documented thematic exhibitions that change every few months. Past exhibitions are viewable as well.
  • Jembetat Gallery of African Art - Tribal art from West and Central Africa.
  • African Millennium Foundation - International trader and exhibitor of Zimbabwean Shone stone sculptures. Site visual arts displays news about recent events and images from exhibitions and visual arts galleries held in Toronto and London.
  • StoneAge Art Company - Shona sculpture from 250 Zimbabwe carvers.
  • National Museum of African Art - The National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution. visual arts visual arts Exhibitions, articles, and museum calendar of events.
  • Joy Christie's Gallery - Dallas, Texas dealer in tribal arts and artifacts,contemporary native and tribal visual arts paintings and original jewelry featuring tribal components.
  • Africarts - Collection of African art objects: exchange of information visual arts and/or of objects
  • African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning - A nicely annotated on-line exhibition of African art from the University of Virginia.
  • Jacaranda Tribal - Art from south and east Africa, with lot visual arts of cultural background information.
  • Masks and More - Masks, African art and primitive paintings.
  • Senufo Art - Brief description of the Senufo aesthetic tradition; part africa of an auction house series.
  • UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History - Emphasis on works from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas, past and present.
  • African Art Collection - African tribal arts dealer. Photographs and descriptions native and tribal visual arts including some information on cultural significance.
  • Moba Art - Information on Moba (Togo and Ghana) sculpture.
  • Azani Stone Gallery Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture - Zimbabwe Shona stone sculpture, including busts, abstracts and wildlife art.
  • All About Shoowa - Rich source of information about Shoowa raffia textiles.
  • The World of Beduin Weaving - Extensive information on weaving by the Beduins of native and tribal africa North Africa.
  • Rand African Art - Images of a private collection with lots of pictures and information.
  • Axis Gallery - Gary van Wyk\'s gallery, with exhibitions. Emphasis on South Africa.
  • African Sculpture - Images of a private collection.
  • Art of Africa - Bushmen/San arts and crafts from the Kalahari.
  • Ralph Proctor Gallery - A gallery of African art, with periodic thematic native and tribal visual arts exhibitions.
  • H-AfrArts Expressive Cultures of Africa - A seriously scholarly site, with moderated discussion boards. From native and tribal Michigan State University.
  • Affrica Gallery - Informative site run by gallery in Washington, D.C.
  • Origomundi Gallery - Decorative and authentic African art from private collections. africa Lots of images. In German and africa English.
  • African Odyssey Interactive - Wide range of resources, originates at Kennedy Center africa (Washington, DC).
  • African Art Center - Nonprofit organization promoting black artists and craftspeople of native and tribal native and tribal KwaZulu Natal and South Africa.
  • McCue Tribal Art - Many images and some cultural information.
  • Art and Oracle: Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition - African art and divination rituals. Includes a africa map of native and tribal sub-Saharan Africa, and essays on divination.
  • Charles Jones African Art - Traditional African art, with many images and explanations visual arts of cultural significance of the objects.
  • AfricanArt Online - Dealer specializing in African arts.
  • Akan Cultural Symbols - Explanations of the iconography of Akan art.
  • Kerr Museum Productions - Consultants on African art and display installations. Offers africa 3-D images africa of African sculpture.
  • Belgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa - Periodic on-line exhibitions as well as a guide visual arts to native and tribal the Brussells museum. Includes a visual arts search facility native and tribal for finding websites with information about visual arts central Africa.
  • Museum of African Art in Belgrade - Museum of African art, mainly the collection of Veda and visual arts Dr. Zdravko Pečar
  • African Sculptural Art - Papers on the development of sculptural art in africa Africa, from native and tribal pre-Iron Age to modern.
  • Emory University Collection of African Art - An exhibition of part of the university\\'s permanent collection of africa African art. Good accompanying essays on various aspects of africa African art.
  • Galerie Peter Herrmann - A commercial gallery. Bilingual (German and English), africa with many images of African items. Also africa has a section describing ongoing African art related africa exhibitions and events elsewhere.
  • Davis Gallery - Art and sculpture of West and Central Africa
  • Africa Cultural Gallery & Kumbu Kumbu Gallery - Contemporary African sculpture, batiks, watercolors and oil paintings.
  • Komaland - Personal collection and background information about Koma sculptures.
  • Yahoo! Groups: AfricanAntiques - Discussion board on African art.
  • Galerie Ezakwantu - Central and Southern African tribal art. In africa Franschhoek, South native and tribal Africa.
  • The Suaga Collection - Noncommercial site showcasing a private collection of African masks.
  • Museum for African Art - New York's Museum for African Art.
  • Africa Direct - A variety of African tribal art, with good africa cultural information on many of the objects.
  • African Art: Makonde - Links to some sites specializing in Makonde arts and crafts.
  • African Arms - Traditional creations of edged weaponry of medieval Africa, using indigenous africa wood carving and metal working styles.
  • African Art and Artists - Bridget McNulty trades in contemporary and traditional African visual arts art and crafts.
  • Shani Gallery - African masks and sculpture with brief descriptions of their traditional visual arts significance.
  • Nerart - Swiss exhibition venue dedicated to contemporary African arts, crafts and design. Site is multilingual.
  • Pan-Africa - Multilingual categorized collection of links to sites about africa African art.
  • African Masks - Collection of African masks, most of which are africa for sale.
  • African Tribal Art Museum - A collection of African art (700 objects; 90 visual arts ethnic groups) and lots of information African tribal visual arts peoples.
  • G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture - An outstanding collection of photographs, many showing objects of art in their cultural settings.
  • African Art Course - Materials for a University of Virginia course on African arts, with images, bibiliographic information, and web links.
  • Masengo Gallery - Calgary (Alberta, Canada) gallery of Shona Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe.
  • Dimondstein Tribal Arts - Many images and information on African tribal art.
  • Douglas Yaney - African tribal art objects, with sections for items likely to interest the beginner and those likely to interest more advanced collectors.
  • The Ebony Tree - Tribal African gallery with masks, statues, and other visual arts tribal africa arts
  • Ethnix Gallery of African Art & Tribal Artifacts - New York dealer.
  • Tribal Art Africa - Dealer in tribal African artifacts (mostly masks and statues).
  • African Quintessence - African art, mainly from Benin, with nice images and descriptions visual arts of cultural significance.
  • Art Creations Africa - Stone sculpture gallery and exhibitions of work of African artists, visual arts including Shona Stone sculpture.
  • All About African art - Information for those starting an African art collection; native and tribal the regions, types of art and the people native and tribal who make them.
  • Adire African Textiles - Hand-woven textiles including Ashanti kente and adinkra, Ewe kente, Yoruba africa adire and aso oke, Kuba raffia cloths, and Bogolan mud africa cloth from Mali.
  • Shona Sculpture - A collection of 67 Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe, visual arts with africa some history of this genre.
  • Adinkra Symbols of West Africa - A guide to the Asante traditional symbols, with photos of adinkras in use.
  • Africa In Stone - Zimbabwean Shona sculpture in materials such as African jade, serpentine, and soapstone.
  • Gallery Quackelbeen - Brussels dealer with images of pots, masks, textiles and statues.
  • AfricaClub - Wide assortment of arts and crafts, with considerable cultural background on the objects.
  • Sukuma Museum - Museum devoted to the culture and art of the Sukuma native and tribal (Tanzania, Africa).
  • Ryann Willis Ancient Art - Dealer specializing in ancient African arts (mostly terracotta), africa with nice exhibitions.
  • Sculptures of Zimbabwe - Gallery of Shona stone sculpture..
  • Africa-Photo - Databank with over 4,000 photos from 1870 to the present africa and much cultural information.
  • Zambezi Sculpture - Zimbabwe stone sculpture, Shona and others using traditional techniques.
  • deYoung Museum African Collection - Extensive collection of images and information from the native and tribal San Francisco museum.
  • African Arts and Culture Discussion Group - Discussion group about African art and culture.
  • African Art Shop - Tribal Art (mostly African), links, and descriptions of africa some African visual arts styles.
  • Von Burg Gallery - San Francisco dealer in African tribal arts.
  • Picard Trade Bead Museum And African Art Gallery - Dealer in African art and trade beads, with a trade native and tribal bead museum.

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