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Frank Kodras is a professional artist/artisan who has long been involved with the accurate recreation of native arts and crafts.

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  • Double H Headdresses - Indian headdresses in the traditional style using natural materials. by non-native artists Suitable for adornment, study or ceremonial use.
  • LaRose Art - Paintings, drawings, and prints by Lynn LaRose featuring southwest, Indian, by non-native artists and cowboy art.
  • Contemporary Northwest Coast Art - Traditional and contemporary Northwest Coastal art by James north america Bender. by non-native artists Includes architectural decorations, totem poles, jewelry, north america transformation masks, by non-native artists and boxes.
  • Moonien Arts Studio - Custom designs and restoration as well as workshops to learn native and tribal how to make/create sacred items.
  • Rock Art Images - Specializing in reproductions of prehistoric Native American rock art of by non-native artists the southwesten U.S. utilizing natural sands and mineral pigments from by non-native artists southern Utah.
  • Noles Fine Art - Art depicting the Native American lifestyle with an emphasis on north america women and children.
  • Billman, Blaine - Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast totem and wildlife art.
  • Spirit Songs Native American Flutes - Hand-crafted Native American flutes. Includes a brief native and tribal north america history of flutes, instruction on care and on native and tribal north america playing.
  • Charles Frizzell Visionary Art - Paintings of Native Americans and animals by a non-native artist.
  • Rock Art Petroglyphs - Petroglyphs photographed at southwest rock art sites accurately carved into by non-native artists stone for wall or shelf display in your home or by non-native artists office.
  • - Vintage seed beads for use in restoration, reproduction, and the north america creation of American Indian Art from 1840 to 1910.
  • Fine Art America - N0n-Native artist inspired by strong connection between nature by non-native artists and spirituality in Native Americans.
  • Spirit Animal Art - Sculpture by Kathe Lostetter and fine art prints native and tribal by Al and Owen Lostetter. All with native and tribal Native American influence.
  • Enchanted Eagle Gallery - Native American Arts, crafts. Pulitzer prize winning photographer\\'s native and tribal images.
  • Ancient Artways Studio - Specializing in custom quillwork, beadwork, leatherwork, restoration and museum reproductions north america of Native American art, artworks and artifacts.
  • Bearwolf - Native American art reproductions. Beadwork, quillwork and other media.
  • Discover Art! Paintings by Vincent James Richardson - Works and paintings by Vincent James Richardson, with underlying spirituality by non-native artists and Mayan influence, done in pumice and acrylic colors.
  • Future Artifacts - Dale Cannon\\'s flintknapping artwork, hand pressure flaked stone knives, by non-native artists handmade chevron beads and the gerzean gallery.
  • Luna Negro native style crafts - Contemporary craft designs in beadwork and leather emulating native and tribal the styles of the First Nations Peoples.
  • Rock Art Pottery by James Q. Jacobs - Photorealistic representations of prehistoric rock art glyphs.
  • Jack Gibson Bronze Sculpture - Jack Gibson\\'s original figurative sculptures and West Coast Native art north america commissions.
  • Barbera, Marie - Figurative bronze sculptures, depicting Native American women, warriors, by non-native artists native and tribal children, horses, and wildlife.
  • Morningstar Studio - Site is dedicated to preserving Northeast Woodland designs north america with north america a focus on the Wobanaki People.
  • - Haida native art, prints, wallpanels; professional photography.
  • Kirby Sattler Paintings - Acrylic on canvas portraits of American Indians.
  • Painted Rock Gallery - Paintings on canvas, painted and etched rocks, and wildlife images native and tribal inspired by Native spirituality.
  • Frantisek Kodras - Frank Kodras is a professional artist/artisan who has long been north america involved with the accurate recreation of native arts and crafts.
  • Clayborn Originals - Native American artwork and pottery from the West north america Indian by non-native artists and Dakota Tribes.
  • Artwork by Kurt Haunreiter - Limited Edition Prints in the Haida style by north america northwest by non-native artists artist Kurt Haunreiter.
  • Steve Forbis Gallery - Steve Forbis, an artist specializing in contemporary American native and tribal Indian culture.
  • White Bear Creations - Native American inspired handcrafts, fetishes, medicine bags, and Renaissance items.
  • Art by Knicki - Western Canadian stone carving, printmaking and wood carving.
  • Shamanic Art by Net Artists - Shamanic artworks by the Net Artists, who currently by non-native artists north america are Cheyenne Maloney and Mara Pierce. Cheyenne\\'s art by non-native artists north america iscludes pieces based on dreaming and healing journeys, by non-native artists north america and Mara\\'s pieces take the form of feathers, by non-native artists north america painted and arranged to portray a specific idea,
  • The Art of M.S. Hollis - Paintings of American Indians and western wildlife.
  • Denise's Creations - Native American Art, dreamcatchers, Mandalas, Beaded Jewelry, Made In Alaska by non-native artists certified
  • Sitting Bear Home Creations, Dreamcatchers - Homemade dream catchers and "how to" videos

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