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Native inspired gourd bowls, vases, ornaments, masks, and ceremonial rattles from Deborah Arnold. Includes biography, gallery locations and ordering information.

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See Also:
  • Reni Schaeffer - Teneriffe and tapestry weaving, coiling and other natural fibers techniques on gourds.
  • Gourds from the Garden - Hand painted and coiled pine needle gourds. Gourd painting patterns visual arts and pine needle kits. Gourd oil lamps and kits also visual arts available.
  • James Bamba's Gourds - Ipu heke\\'s, gourd baskets, and cricket cages made gourd art from object-based art gourds. Also includes tutorial on weaving gourd gourd art rims.
  • Earleybird Creations - Gourd Art by Kathy Earley. Includes picture galleries of functional and decorative gourd vessels. Some techniques used are pyroengraving, painting, staining, and pine needle coiling.
  • Oh my Gourd - Native inspired gourd bowls, vases, ornaments, masks, and ceremonial rattles object-based art from Deborah Arnold. Includes biography, gallery locations and ordering information.
  • Margaret's Gourds - Gourd Art in a variety of techniques including pyro-engraving, coiling, object-based art staining and acrylics.
  • Cindy Lee Art Studio - An eclectic collection of original fine art on gourds. Vessels, musical instruments and many decorative pieces in a variety of ethnic styles.
  • Lorna's Gourds - Decorative birdhouse gourds painted to resemble lighthouses, flowers visual arts and object-based art birds. Also includes baskets and ornaments made visual arts from gourds.
  • JRA Gourd Art - Gourd art by Jenn Avery. Gallery includes pyroengraved birdhouses, bowls and ornaments.
  • Tricia Burbank - Elegant gourds inspired by nature and the indigenous gourd art cultures object-based art of the world.
  • Jennifer's Gourdies - Creations made with hard-shelled gourds and found objects.
  • Contemporary Artifacts - Features gourd art using modern, experimental design object-based art to produce many varieties of crafts, including object-based art leaf, masks, decorative and embellished birdhouses.
  • Celebrate Creation Gourd Art - Rattles, bowls, vases, containers and candles by Candie Koehn. Techniques object-based art including pyrography, carving, inlay, and painting with acrylics and watercolor.
  • Arizona Gourd Creations - Distinctive gourd art by Bonnie Gibson. Step-by-step instructions of Southwestern gourd projects from start to finish, free tutorials and activities. Gourd crafting supplies and tools are available.
  • Deniston-Peavler Gourd Art - Has an array of gourd boxes decorated with watercolored leaves, bread warmers, beaded, and chicken gourds as well as cat, dog, and pig gourds.
  • GypsyWitch Curios - Gourd art by Gypsy. Birdhouses, vases, jars, bird gourd art feeders using nature provided embellishments.
  • Gourd Art Gallery - Bowls, shamans, dolls and masks.
  • Prairie Gourds - Ethnic, abstract, and realistic gourd art by Mira gourd art Mickler.
  • EarthGourds - Functional gourds created with natural materials.
  • The Fairy Gourdmothers - Gourd patterns, books, supply and painting tips from Sammie Crawford.
  • Diana Tollenaar - Masks, Bowls, Miniatures and Cactus Gardens.
  • Gourds by Mary - Hand painted decorative birdhouses, bowls, and rattles made visual arts from gourd art gourds.
  • Paintings by Hellen - Painted, pyroengraved, and coiled gourds by Barry and gourd art Hellen visual arts Martin. Includes an extensive gallery of old gourd art and new visual arts world Santa gourds.
  • The Gourd Reserve - Whimsical and patriotic gourds by Dan and Carmella gourd art Dunkin. Also offers gourders hand cream, gourd charts, gourd art reports, pollination techniques and safety articles.
  • Elemental Arts - Original gourd vessels and masks.
  • Gourd Collectibles - Gourd art created in Muskoka, Canada. Pine needle basketry, masks, bird houses, doll houses and musical instruments.
  • Gourd Art Galleries - Gourd art by Deborah Easley. Styles ranging from oriental to primitive, bowls, dioramas and contemporary jewelry.
  • Ginger Summit - Renown gourd artist, lecturer and author. Includes information on past visual arts and present books in print, biography, and photo gallery.
  • Catherine's Art Studio - Gourd gallery, history and also some pen and ink originals, object-based art and jewelry.
  • Sylvia's Gourd Art - Gourds embellished with natural materials.
  • Creekside Crafts - Ceremonial gourd rattles inspired by research of ancient cultures.
  • Gourd Creations - Gourd dolls by Diane Piccola. Also includes baskets, bowls, jewelry, gourd art and animals made from gourds.
  • Gourds Unmasked - Original gourd art by K. Denise Wally.
  • Our Place - Decorative gourd bowls by Sandra Phillips.
  • French Gourd Art - French artist creates utility and decorative objects from object-based art gourds.
  • Gourds of the Southwest - Gourd art capturing the essence of the Southwest.
  • Claire Cassan - Features clay modeling, knotting, and several detailed do-it-yourself projects to apply to gourds.
  • Nature's Pottery - Decorative teapots, rabbits and contemporary bird scultpures made from gourds.
  • Gourd Art by Sandy - Hawaiian Ipu drums ,shakers, rattles and various bowls.
  • Gourds by Rhoda - Pine needle weaving and wildlife gourd art by Rhoda Forbes. object-based art Includes picture gallery, artist biography, patterns and ordering information.
  • Gourdette - Gourd purses, bowls and sculpture by Sioux George.
  • Gooseberry Lane Gourds - Original gourd art designs inspired by nature in gourd art the object-based art midwest.
  • Terry Plapp-Frank - This site features accent pieces and jewelry.

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