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Ellen Fountain provides demos and tricks with a selection of different topics. Information on purchasing videos and workbooks, and a workshop schedule are also provided.

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  • Mary B. Spires - Watercolors - Books, videos and painting packets. Free tutorials. Workshops watercolors in various education locations, including the French Riviera.
  • The Painting and Drawing Channel - TV Anytime provides online videos for any of watercolors this week\\'s Painting & Drawing Channel programs. Monthly watercolors schedules are provided and DVDs can be purchased.
  • Julie Angel Co. Ltd - Specialist Art Teaching Company - Choose from six landscape kits with watercolor boards, painting paints, brushes, watercolors palette, and learn to paint lessons painting on DVD.
  • Watercolour for Beginners - An introduction aimed at the novice and hobbyist.
  • Painting 4 Pleasure - Offers links to five Web sites that sell painting video lessons, painting e-books, and courses on drawing and painting painting in watercolors.
  • Ray Campbell Smith's Way With Watercolour - Provides online demonstrations and tips. Also has information on books watercolors and videos. Workshops taught at Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom.
  • Watercolor Demonstrations - Step-by-step demonstrations for various projects by Margaret Crowley-Kiggins. watercolors Information about education watercolor painting techniques, history, and materials.
  • Paint Doodles - Interactive Watercolour - A multi-media course on a CD ROM, created by Peter education Saw. Includes a gallery of paintings, free lesson download and education a forum.
  • Watercolor Lessons on Video - Watercolor lessons for all levels and demonstrations on painting video are education viewable free online. Some include drawing painting templates for download.
  • Big Brush - Download lessons by Canadian artist Peter Humeniuk. education Includes free painting demo and information regarding videos and education workshops.
  • Watercolour Lessons by Bee Morrison - Free tips and worksheets for sale. Information on watercolors classes and cruise ship painting holidays.
  • Watching Paint Dry Limited - Learn to paint watercolour landscapes with Don Harrison. Online hints and tips, instructional videos, books, and art materials. Workshops in Dorset and holidays in Wales, United Kingdom.
  • How I Sketch: Part Two, Demonstration - Eleven steps show how to create an ink painting and watercolor sketch from a plein air scene. painting Steps begin with the line drawing and end painting with the colors, highlights, and shading of the painting watercolor painting.
  • George S. Labadie - Offers a set of instructional videotapes. A gallery of his prints is also presented.
  • Art Tips! - Access Cathy Johnson\\'s archive of more than eighty painting illustrated articles painting for watercolor painting, techniques, and supplies. painting Her tips are in painting PDF format.
  • Watercolor and Watermedia Tips and Demos - Ellen Fountain provides demos and tricks with a selection of watercolors different topics. Information on purchasing videos and workbooks, and a watercolors workshop schedule are also provided.
  • Keith McMean - Watercolour - Several online tutorials are provided, including - painting watercolors from photographs. Also includes a gallery of the watercolors artist.
  • Learn to Paint Watercolours with Peter Saw - Free help for students, including tips and hints.
  • Tony Couch Watercolors - Workshops and instructional videos for the beginner, intermediate and professional education painter.
  • Watercolour Weekends - Weekend and week-long courses in the Peak District National Park. education Also featured is a home study course with video tapes. education Located in Hope Valley, United Kingdom.
  • Craven Studios - Tuition videos available by Arthur Craven, watercolour artist. painting Residential courses located at Cumbria, United Kingdom.
  • Watercolor Demonstration - Landscape painter James Pedersen provides a step-by-step tutorial featuring negative education shape painting. His workshops are offered in the USA and education overseas.

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