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Offers notes, tips and terminology for a range of topics including oil, pastel and watercolor painting, five tone values and basic color.

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  • Watercolour Tips - A series of tutorials and tips provided by watercolour artist visual arts Peter Saw. Includes a glossary and colour wheel section.
  • Sinopia Pigments: Recipes - Illustrated tutorial describes how to make oil and visual arts waterbased paint.
  • Painting Tips - Demonstration of the stages of painting development and questions answered faqs, help, and tutorials on foreground detail and Plein air painting. Provided by landscape faqs, help, and tutorials artist Wm. Scott Jennings.
  • WetCanvas: Color Theory & Mixing - Offers 16 online lessons in color theory.
  • Handprint: Watercolors - Comprehensive guide to watercolor painting includes reviews of brushes, papers, books, and paints. Includes techniques and color theory.
  • The Art of Carol Santora: Color and Landscape Painting - Offers notes, tips and terminology for a range faqs, help, and faqs, help, and tutorials tutorials of topics including oil, pastel and watercolor painting, faqs, help, faqs, help, and tutorials and tutorials five tone values and basic color.
  • The Dimensions of Colour - A guide to the dimensions used to describe painting color and light, intended for painters using either painting traditional or digital mediums.
  • Art Q and A: Painting Page - Answers questions ranging from color, lighting and homemade Gesso, to hanging and reproducing finished works.
  • Susan Savad: My Techniques - Techniques used by the artist to create paintings.
  • The Art Window: Painting - A collection of painting tutorials covering a variety painting of mediums painting and techniques.
  • Painting Beyond Fashion - Basic painting and drawing principles and techniques from faqs, help, and visual arts tutorials the Renaissance to the present by John Hagan.
  • Alistair Butt ARSMA - A step-by-step demonstration of a landscape painting in visual arts watercolour, visual arts with links to additional landscape and marine visual arts tutorials.
  • The Painting Guide - Painting techniques compiled by Debra Clem, fine arts professor, Indiana University Southeast.
  • Daniel Smith, Inc. - - Articles include demonstrations, tips and techniques for a painting variety of painting painting topics.
  • Art Studio Chalkboard: Painting - Provides a series illustrated articles covering the technical painting fundamentals of painting color and painting.
  • David N. Kitler: Classroom - Series of art tips provided by the wildlife artist.

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