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Presents biomorphic images in oil and watercolor. She uses a glazing technique often requiring twenty or more layers to develop color and value.

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See Also:
  • Greyson, Phoebe - Presents biomorphic images in oil and watercolor. She uses painters a glazing technique often requiring twenty or more layers to painters develop color and value.
  • Galletti, Lia - Abstract and minimalist acrylic mixed media paintings on canvas by the Cuban American artist. Includes printmaking gallery , artist biography and show schedule.
  • Garti, Zvi - Hidden world of forms and colours, figurative and g abstract images abstract expressionism influenced by primary nature.
  • Griffith, Sarah - This Baton Rouge artist uses vivid colors and painters is unafraid painters to demonstrate emotion on canvas.
  • George, Jo - Her abstract paintings often tend to reflect her interest in g gynaecology and fertility from the point of view of traditional g Chinese medicine. Images, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Goldenberg, Roger - Abstracts consisting of layered imagery, bold use of abstract expressionism cutouts, painters and shapes on shaped canvases built with abstract expressionism collaged fabric, painters epoxy and thin plywood. Includes abstract expressionism reviews, statement and painters exhibitions.
  • Gunay, Nazan - Mixed media paintings of established Turkish artist influenced by Islamic abstract expressionism philosophy. Images and biography.
  • Gardien, Esther - Presents abstract paintings in various media, with a painters statement in English, French, Portuguese, or Dutch.
  • Gillard, Paul - Gallery of richly colored oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Gahagan, James E. - (1927-1999) Vermont born painter who became one of painters the premier American colorists. Includes paintings, photography and painters memorial page.
  • Goodridge, Carolyn S. - Abstract art done in oils, watercolors and acrylics. abstract expressionism Powerful images to feed the soul.
  • Gallart, Sylvia - Bright and minimalist abstract paintings. In English, French, abstract expressionism and abstract expressionism Spanish.

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