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Well-known for his large-scale paintings that deal primarily with remembrance and loss--operating as memento mori to those lost in crisis.

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  • Brown, Marco - Contemporary abstract art inspired by the Mediterranean. Includes abstractism artist\'s biography and e-cards.
  • Bleckner, Ross - Well-known for his large-scale paintings that deal primarily painters with remembrance painters and loss--operating as memento mori to painters those lost in crisis.
  • Burgess, Robert J. - Visit a working New York artist\\'s studio,see his b latest work, so fresh you can nearly smell b the paint.
  • Baker, Atara - African tones of mixed media and oil on b canvas.
  • Blender, Gerda Maria - German artist displays abstract and cubist oil paintings reflecting sensuousness, painters vitality and warmth. Includes exhibition details and biography, In English painters and German.
  • Bellanca, Todd - Gallery of abstract paintings using the square as inspiration. Contemporary b art in the vein of 50\\'s post-painterly abstraction, 60\\'s colorfield b painting and an Asian aesthetic of harmony and stillness.
  • Barnett, Helmut - Gallery of contemporary abstract works of artist from Austin, Texas. abstractism Includes resume and short biography.
  • Bradshaw, Sue - This artist fragments, disorientates, disunites, transforms, stitches and b repairs her abstractism canvases. The technique involves layering of b materials and marks.
  • Bytebier, Chris - Discover the inner world and the colourful abstract works of this young artist.
  • Belmonte, Manolo Barbero - Brightly colored psychedelic paintings in oil and acrylic.
  • Budash, Susan - A portfolio of oil and mixed media paintings, with an abstract focus.
  • Borse, Gary - Fairfield, Florida artist presents his own style of abstractism figure and painters landscape portraits. Includes portfolio, biography and abstractism contact information.
  • Bemrose, Kathryn - The site of this Toronto colourist includes portfolio painters of current paintings, CV and other information about painters the artist.
  • Borg, Fabio - Collection of works from Maltese artist. Includes exhibitions, painters reviews and biography.
  • Burnett, James - Tribeca (NYC) studio visit featuring comments and images of paintings b by this non-objective artist.
  • Bischoff, Rick - Graphic illusions where the painting becomes 3 dimensional painters with the frame, and the optical effects of painters the lighting bring the painting outside the box.
  • Bush, Martin - Contemporary abstract art painting from UK artist. Includes abstractism biography, exhibition b list and information on commissioned work.
  • Blakley, Lloyd - Abstract and landscape works painted in an impressionist manner.
  • Bos, Claudia - Displays previous work including watercolor portraits and Canadian landscapes. New work combines geometric patterns with emotion.
  • Boyd, Michael - Gallery of paintings by visual artist, supported by b visible and painters invisible underlying geometric structure. Includes descriptions b of working process, biography painters and exhibition information.
  • Bilu, Asher - Abstract paintings, sculptures and installations exploring the unknown. abstractism See images b of past and recent work, a abstractism curriculum vitae, and several b articles.
  • Bergmann, Dagmar - A presentation of the lyrically abstract mixed media paintings in abstractism blue hues.
  • Balsamo, Vincenzo - Includes biography, exhibitions, bibliography, and gallery of works from the fifties to present. Also offers book shop, archive and news. In English and Italian.

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