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The site offers colorful non-objective oil paintings and pencil drawings together with purchasing information and a list of galleries holding the artist's work.

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  • Johnson, Dennis R. - The site offers colorful non-objective oil paintings and j pencil drawings j together with purchasing information and a j list of galleries holding j the artist's work.
  • Johnson, Randy - The directed chaos paintings of Randy Johnson are hybrid abstract paintings - otherworldly, yet they mimic the underlying patterns of the natural world.
  • Jarrett, James - California artist featuring abstract and color field paintings.
  • Jacobs, Karen - Non-objective abstract art using acrylic/mixed media and encaustic. Includes gallery inventory and several articles about the artist.
  • Jacobi, Angelica - Gallery of paintings by German born artist. Includes abstractism Vita and painters exhibitions. In English, German and Spanish.
  • Johannissen, Eva Ryn - Non-representational abstract oil paintings, acrylics and mixed media works exploring abstractism the inner life. The site also provides information about the abstractism artist, exhibitions and gallery showings.
  • Jukic, D. - Abstract paintings in a variety of media by j artist from abstractism Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • Jeknavorian, Sandra - Paintings and collage based on photographs mixed with fictional elements. Painting and drawing lessons offered in downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Jones, Jennifer J. L. - Atmospheric abstract paintings related to travels, dreams, and painters the subconscious. Includes biographical information and artist statement.
  • Jernukian, Arthur - He follows in the path of cubist artists j Braque, Picasso abstractism and Gris.

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