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Richard does abstracts with arrays of idiosyncratic shapes. Ikuko is a landscape painter integrating an abstract foundation with the structures and colors of nature.

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  • Rosch, Wilma - A young female artist from Bavaria. She offers a wide painters choice of her works in different categories. Some artistic photos painters are also added. There\\'s also a short \'who is Wilma painters Rösch' included.
  • Redinger, Armin - Fresh and innovative modern fine art, inspired by painters urban surroundings, painters this is not sculpture, it is painters 'painting with metal'.
  • Riley, Jacqueline - An abstract contemporary artist from Houston that uses mixed media pieces to create her collection.
  • Riske, Jan - Oil paintings by Dutch-born artist Jan Riske, who now lives in Australia. Includes images, interviews and articles, exhibitions, and photographs of the painter.
  • Rogers, Janet - A series of abstract paintings by professional UK artist based painters in Bruges, Belgium.
  • Roth, Richard Lewis and Roth, Ikuko - Richard does abstracts with arrays of idiosyncratic shapes. abstractism Ikuko is abstractism a landscape painter integrating an abstract abstractism foundation with the structures abstractism and colors of nature.
  • Rubell, Laurie - Large scale oil on canvas referential to landscapes, atmosphere,and abstractism water.
  • Rehbinder, Carin - San Francisco artist showcases recent abstract paintings using collage and abstractism mixed media.
  • Retif - Gallery of Abstract paintings from French painter. Includes painters exhibition information.

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