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An interactive exhibition of oil paintings by the Belgian Artist. Nice, clean web-design. Collections change. Current collection: Life's different roads.

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  • Salyers, C. - Artist describes work as sort of modern, contemporary, abstractism deco, nouveau. painters Includes biography.
  • Spears, John - Focusing on a combination of pattern and color painters this artist painters creates illusions from pure abstract to painters a strong realism. Includes painters list of collectors and painters resume.
  • Schaper, Jason - Gallery of abstract works. Includes artist\\'s biography, statement and show information.
  • Sharon, Russell - The online gallery of artist whose works consist painters of abstracted painters landscapes. Studios in Miami Beach, Florida painters and Randall, Minnesota.
  • Scrivo - An interactive exhibition of oil paintings by the Belgian Artist. s Nice, clean web-design. Collections change. Current collection: Life\'s different s roads.
  • Staring, Winand - Exhibiting vibrant abstract oil paintings inspired by water, painters nature, and abstractism cosmos. [Flash]
  • Sandor, Beate - The Seven Prayers: motifs from the Lotus Sutra painters represented as text-pictures.
  • Smulders, Paul - The artist investigates the boundaries between the photographic and the painted image using photography and a photo copy transfer technique as well as painting.
  • Salah, Sheena - Abstracts inspired by every-day life by UK artist s with Indian painters roots.
  • Schar, Ilya - This Russian-born artist living in California creates three-dimensional abstractism "paintings" using s hand cut, ground and polished precious abstractism and semi-precious stones.
  • Shilpi, Sanjay - Recent abstract paintings. Media: Mixed and oil on canvas.
  • Storrow, Nancy - Vermont based artist displays abstract works. Oil on vellum and painters pastel. Provides biography and exhibition details.
  • Stewart, Allison - Abstract painter focusing on a myriad of natural s subjects, including landscapes and the flora of Louisiana s and Colorado. Includes biography and list of galleries s and upcoming shows.
  • Snell, Herman Wayne - Four-Sided Abstract Art designed to turn 360 degrees painters on the abstractism wall using battery operated lazy susan painters turners revealing a separate abstractism image/feeling for each side.
  • Sortino, Bill - Contemporary modern oil paintings, sculpture, paperwork and prints painters by this Santa Fe artist.
  • Sillanpää, Hannu - The visual expression of the landscape makes this abstractism Finland artist painters paint mental images and emotional responses abstractism from the mystery on painters Nature.
  • Suárez, Francisco - Contemporary Spanish Geometric art. Includes resumé.

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