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Over 120 selected works by Dr Colin Gale, from watercolours to computer art. Landscape and conceptual styles. Theory section on arts technology and art philosophy.

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See Also:
  • Gale, Colin - Over 120 selected works by Dr Colin Gale, from watercolours to computer art. Landscape and conceptual styles. Theory section on arts technology and art philosophy.
  • Granton, Elizabeth - Collection of fauvist surreal, symbolic, and abstract paintings. painters Also includes post-processed photographs and found objects.
  • Gotay, Jules - "These paintings were executed in an attempt to contemporary create a contemporary style that was all at once contemporary neo-cubistic, semi-realistic, up-side-downish, contemporary and peanut butter and contemporary jellyish."
  • Glasgow, Justine - Featuring the paintings, biography, and information the artist. contemporary Includes information for Creative Kids and Young Artist contemporary classes.
  • Gibbs, Paul - British contemporary painter and sculptor. Archive and background painters material on this artist who works from Cable painters Street Studios in London\'s East End.
  • Gastaldo, Paolo - The works of a Genovese artist interested in g modern society and alienation. With biography. g Sections marked IT have text only in Italian.
  • Gibson, Steve - Contemporary paintings of American artist Steve Gibson. Paintings include works on paper and canvas using oils, acrylics and mixed media.
  • Gerasimon, Peter - Presenting a selection of over 100 works in oils about g the Australian Commonplace Scene.
  • Gould, Dennis A. - Drawings, paintings, and prints by Oregon artist Dennis contemporary A. Gould; g works from four decades represented, as contemporary well as biographic notes, g news articles, exhibitions, collector contemporary lists, and photographs from the artist\'s g life.
  • Gerchick, Anina - Presents portraits and scenes of people painted with painters old master techniques. Has images, exhibitions, reviews, and painters biographical data.
  • Gerzabek, Ernie - Australian artist shows works inspired by Nature. Abstract landscapes.
  • Goodrich, Mandy - Mandalas and Modern Artwork done in watermixable oils. g Bright, Colorful g and symmetrical pieces.
  • Gillett, Rosemary - Modern art inspired by Italy. Online visual record of previous painters works to current gallery shows. Includes information about paintings for painters sale.
  • Gee, Reginald - is the official site for contemporary urban contemporary outsider artist Reginald K. Gee, and features news, contemporary information, images, and the latest online buying opportunities.
  • Gaura, Ginny - Original artwork of contemporary artist. Includes biography and artist's statement.
  • Gibbs, Patrick - A gallery of paintings by and information about Patrick Gibbs painters who is a Fine Artist based in London.
  • Giang, Kieu - Galleries by Vietnamese artist featuring oil on canvas, painters acrylic and contemporary mixed technique paintings. Personal information and painters address of studio.
  • Giovanopoulos, Paul - Official website of the contemporary painter Paul Giovanopoulos. Recent painters and classic work, biography, and contact information.
  • Grant, Will - Online gallery of this contemporary British artist.
  • Gagloeva, Marina - Paintings mostly in a "naive" style in oil, g pastel and watercolor. Artist\\'s biography and exhibition information. g Site in English and Russian.

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