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The diverse exciting work of award winning American artist Marlene London. Her use of rich, juicy, thick paints is as well-known as her huge brightly colored fruits and vegetables, chairs and wild self-portraits..

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  • Lieberman, Joyce - Venice California visual artist describes her upbeat paintings and collages.
  • Lukanovich, Natasha - Offers gallery of abstract, stylized, fauvist, and expressive portrait, landscape contemporary and symbolic paintings. Provides section of installation art and artist\'s contemporary biography.
  • London, Marlene - The diverse exciting work of award winning American artist Marlene contemporary London. Her use of rich, juicy, thick paints is as contemporary well-known as her huge brightly colored fruits and vegetables, chairs contemporary and wild self-portraits..
  • Lazich, Alexander G. - Paintings and pencil drawings from an artist presently residing in Berlin. Subjects include women\'s portraits, skies, and flowers.
  • Lammers, Abby - Representational painter, Abby Lammers uses eclectic combinations of contemporary color, form and asymmetrical composition asking the viewer contemporary to reconsider the everyday.
  • Linde, Daniel - Internationally recognized French Contemporary Artist known for utilizing tribal art painters influences in his characteristically large acrylic on canvas paintings.
  • Leveritt, Tom - Award-winning, London-based painter of compelling modern images, straddling l the figurative-abstract frontline.
  • Le Goff, Michel-Vincent - The French painter Michel-Vincent Le Goff shows his contemporary latest works: "The Asian Series" painting in pure contemporary gold.
  • Levian, Yosef - Abstract, child-like, and fantasy figurative paintings, rendered in painters oil, acrylic, contemporary and watercolor, by the Israeli artist.
  • Lowe, Lynda - The web site for this contemporary artist includes mixed media painters paintings, current exhibitions, gallery representation, statements, reviews, and contact information.
  • Lambrecht, Pat - Contemporary works, incorporating mixed media/acrylic on a gold leafed surface. A love for color and experimentation and painting on large canvases, gives her work a unique presentation.
  • Lueza, Cecilia - Includes artworks, biography, and exhibitions of the Argentinian contemporary born fine artist Cecilia Lueza, who lives in contemporary Miami, Florida, since 1998.
  • Seaward, Tim - Original drawings and paintings of surrealism art work, l Artist provides l mystical pictures, fantasy and surrealism in l a variety of mediums. l Includes acrylic, oil, pastel l and graphite works.
  • Linder, Allan - Provides chronological history artist\\'s work from 1979 to present. Includes a biography and exhibition history.
  • Lyszczarz, Blanka - Watercolor and oil paintings - still life, floral l compositions
  • Licsko, Frank - This site offers an intimate view of renowned l artist Frank l Licsko's oil paintings.Prints available.
  • Lattimore, Anne - Offers gallery of still life, landscape, portraits and Civil War paintings in oil and watercolor. Includes information in intaglio prints and contact details.
  • Lowly, Tim - Representational paintings and other meditations on reality by painters Chicago-based artist. painters Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Lauri, Daniel - Presents oil paintings by a self-taught French painter specializing in the female nude. He also paints copies of the old masters, still lifes, narrative paintings based on the nude, and other works derived from the Neoclassical tradition. Has images and
  • Lilly, Russell F. - Presents figurative, landscape, and abstract paintings.
  • Lewis, William - Showcase of the works of Boise-based artist. The l paintings present ambiguous and more mundane objects in l evocative combination.
  • Lauric, Oana - Original works of art by contemporary figurative, European artist.
  • Lariviere, Mark - Artist Mark LaRiviere brings the art of his paintings to l the Internet
  • Leedy, Anni - Artist displays still life, interior, and figurative works in a variety of mediums. Provides artist information, events and contact form.

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