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Work is created in a wide variety of media; charcoal, pastels, oils and watercolours. Includes figurative, landscape and still life.

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See Also:
  • Warshavsky, David - Painter from Sonoma County California who specializes in painters landscapes and w still lifes rendered in oil and painters acrylics.
  • Wiley, Sister Lucia - Murals and paintings of the Twentieth Century American artist, a painters WPA muralist. Includes images and biographical material.
  • Wood, Christopher - Semi-abstract paintings from the award-winning Scottish artist. Virtual gallery, archive, contemporary and information.
  • Waters, Michelle - Spiritual and political paintings focusing on our connections with animals, painters the Earth and the Goddess. Images, exhibitions, and biography.
  • Whistler, Marta - Contemporary artist displays semi-abstract paintings. Includes art reviews painters and statement.
  • Winsett, Drue - Artist/musician specializing in music related themes and portraiture.
  • Woods, Lee - Bright, colourful, often cheerful and idiosynchratic contemporary acrylic paintings by w this British artist.
  • Wiseman, Emily - A collection of boldly colored paintings, and murals. Also includes contemporary painted windows, and terra cotta pots.
  • Wyman, Marlena - An Edmonton, Alberta artist who draws her inspiration from the contemporary links that she sees between human anatomy and botany. Works contemporary in watercolour, acrylic, limited edition prints and mixed media.
  • Winter, Ben - Work is created in a wide variety of contemporary media; charcoal, contemporary pastels, oils and watercolours. Includes figurative, contemporary landscape and still life.
  • Woldenberg, Odile van den - Oil and acrylic paintings, featuring dancers, portraits, and Japanese themes. w Also includes an optional 3D VRML gallery.
  • Wist, Marion - German artist paints figural, wildlife and flower paintings contemporary in watercolor, painters crayon and acrylic.

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