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San Francisco artist paints about love, yoga, massage, medicine, death and dying. Available as greeting cards, posters, blank journals and reproductions.

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  • Jackson, Maz - Texture, color and emotion combine in vibrant temperas painters on wood. egg tempera Scenes resemble underwater cacti gardens.
  • Scherrer, Suzanne and Ouporov, Pavel - Two artists working together using egg tempera technique painters they learned painters in Russia.
  • Garcia, Alex Omar - Specializing in paintings created through the egg tempera process. Includes egg tempera short biography and statement.
  • Kelley, Alessandra - How to make and use egg tempera, some samples of painting her art, news relevant to her students, and a paper painting on safety hazards to pregnant painters.
  • Dumoux, Ray - Viapictura presents Ray Dumoux\\'s work. Tempera- precise painting reconstituion of painting art of painting, its substance and painting materials, symbolism painting Drawings, engraving and paintings painting from small to monumental.
  • Wessel, Fred - A series of egg tempera paintings by artist painters Fred Wessel. Many of the paintings exhibit painters applications of gold leaf as was the aesthetic painters practice in Early Renaissance Art.
  • Large Cynthia - The artist explores the overlapping spheres of music, egg tempera magic painters and mental illness. Includes a number egg tempera of small painters pianos and organs capable of conjuring egg tempera saints and demons painters alike. The dominant medium egg tempera is egg tempera and painters oil on wood.
  • Arbrador, Lora - San Francisco artist paints about love, yoga, painting massage, medicine, death and dying. Available as greeting painting cards, posters, blank journals and reproductions.
  • Novko, Svetlana - Hand-painted Orthodox icons in traditional Byzantine style. Egg tempera medium, painters natural pigments. Includes gallery, information on medium and materials and painters greeting cards.
  • Hardy, Fran - Features luminous magnifications of the intricate, colorful, and varied plant painting life of Florida in egg tempera and oil. Includes images, painting extracts from reviews, resume, and a gallery list.
  • Schirmer, Phil - Highly realistic scenes of rocky coasts. Gallery, biography painting and an article about egg tempera.
  • Panailidis, Sotirios - Icons (in tempera) and wall-paintings based on the tradition of painting Orthodox Byzantine Art. In addition, a selection of drawings, pastels painting and works done in other techniques.
  • Milk and Eggs: The American Revival of Tempera Painting, 1930-1950 - Informative discussion about tempera\\'s Renaissance in the US, featuring works by George Tooker, Andrew Wyeth, Peter Hurd and Thomas Hart Benton
  • Mankowska, Katarzyna (Katherine) - Presents traditional egg tempera icons and decorative temperas egg tempera painted painters on masonite.
  • Bergt, Michael - Online portfolio of painter and sculptor Michael Bergt
  • Shackelford, Victoria - Exhibits paintings and drawings of regional Southwestern images. painting Works include egg tempera and oil painting techniques.
  • Milliken, Rob - Works by artist Rob Milliken. Information about how egg tempera to make egg tempera and painting demonstrations.
  • Frank, Ellen - Official Web site of Award-Winning Artist and Writer egg tempera Ellen egg tempera Frank. Work includes the highly acclaimed egg tempera Hanukkah Illuminated egg tempera series of illuminated manuscripts.
  • DeMarco, Michelle - Western Massachusetts artist and member of the Society of Tempera egg tempera Painters displays selected artworks. Includes short biography and gallery information.
  • Tutt, George "Papa" - Experience the egg temperas of artist George "Papa" egg tempera Tutt. painting Over 48 pieces on display

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