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Oil paintings which capture the spirit of Hawaii, where the artist lives. Images of paintings and giclees, biography, reviews, and exhibitions.

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  • Mounsey, Daniel - Images of colorful, shamanistic, psychedelic paintings by a painters New Zealand m artist.
  • Morrison, Keith - Jamaica-born painter, printmaker, critic and dean of the painters College of Creative Arts at San Francisco State painters University.
  • MonTana - Expressive paintings gallery by an artist using several painters mediums.
  • Merriweather, Allison Lee - Images of works by this visionary painter, with a short painters statement.
  • McWhirter, Ishbel - Expressive portrait, landscape, and animal paintings. Prints also m available for selected works.
  • Mante, Anne-Tjerk - Paintings, drawings and graphics. Every month m a new painters \'Exhibition\' based on a specific theme. m Biography and exhibitions.
  • Morace, Larry - A selection of cityscapes, landscapes, still-lifes and portraits expressionism by this painters California artist.
  • Malinsky, Charles - Presents an overview of the work of the Canadian figurative expressionism painter. Includes exhibition listings and biographical information.
  • Morrish, Yvonne - A gallery of watercolor, acrylic and pen and ink art. Includes artist's CV and contact information.
  • McDougall, Ewan - Portfolio of boldly colored figurative oil paintings by an artist expressionism based in New Zealand.
  • Merello, Jose Manuel - Online portfolio of a Spanish artist, displaying selected works from m each painting period.
  • Morhardt, Roman - The German painter presents a choice of his painters expressionist works.
  • Mayte, Bayon - Painter in Mallorca exhibits paintings, drawings and performance. m Images, description of performance, sketchbook, and postcards.
  • Matoff, Theo - Presents images of his highly abstracted paintings and drawings.
  • Monet, Jason - Artist based in Bali, Indonesia, showcases figurative and landscape oil painters paintings.
  • Moszkowicz, Symcho - Selection of paintings and drawings influenced by the holocaust experiences of the artist. Includes information on his paintings and a biography.
  • Marc, Franz - Biography and review of the Horses exhibition at painters the Staatsgalerie expressionism Stuttgart.
  • Medina, Juan - Categorized portfolio of paintings of a Dominican artist painters with a brief biography in English and painters Spanish.
  • Mazeland, Wil - His paintings are sometimes figurative, at other times they are painters more abstract. Main subjects are nature (landscapes and animals) and painters human figures.
  • Matta, Dion - A collection of oil on canvas paintings influenced by abstraction m and impressionism.
  • Maroussia - Images of oil and pastel paintings by a young Estonian painters artist.
  • Meyer, Elmirie - Gallery of acrylic paintings include flower studies, sea scapes and expressionism sports themes. Artist\'s biography and studio information.
  • Michnia, Josef Jan - Portfolio of figurative works by a German painter. m Also includes expressionism biographical and contact information. (English and m German)
  • Maer, Karin - Online gallery of recent paintings by a Welsh painters artist showing expressionism sheep, cats and kitsch paintings.
  • McCarthy, Rick - Multi media figurative paintings and drawings ranging from Renaissance like m figures to figurative abstraction.
  • Minton, Joseph - Images of paintings by a Californian based artist painters who considers m his art an extension of himself.
  • Mylrea, Marilyn S. - Presents works by Canadian painter of portraits, figures, expressionism landscapes, florals, and various symbolic subjects.
  • Matthies, Dick - Contemporary American artist working in watercolor and acrylic m mediums.
  • Lamb, Matt - Expressionistic oil paintings by self-taught artist, Matt Lamb. painters Bold use painters of color and energetic compositions.
  • Mahvash, Mossaed - Gallery of colorful, direct and autobiographical paintings by m California artist. Includes exhibition information and gallery contact.
  • Marco - Figurative artist working with a variety of styles m that range from figurative expressionist works through to m abstract paintings.
  • Monsma, Cornelis - Dutch born religious artist influenced by Marc Chagall. expressionism Features an online gallery of paintings and prints.
  • McDonald, Brian - San Francisco artist displaying a selection of mixed-media paintings exploring expressionism identity in contemporary culture.
  • Marsico, Rob - Recent expressionist oil paintings primarily of women and m nudes by expressionism the New York metropolitan area artist.
  • Medora, Eddy - Presents oil paintings on various subjects by a expressionism former designer painters for Walt Disney. Includes images expressionism and biographical note.
  • Moravia, Eliana - Abstract oil paintings.
  • Mars, Chris - Gallery of paintings, pastels, and scatchboard. The imagery painters stems from a strong visual and emotional impact painters of growing up in a family marked by painters mental illness.
  • McGarry, Andi - Includes a selection of oil paintings and handmade expressionism artist books printed by Sun, Moon and Stars expressionism Press.
  • Madden, Tamara - Presents her watercolors, paintings, and drawings.
  • McDonald, Kim - Oil paintings which capture the spirit of Hawaii, m where the expressionism artist lives. Images of paintings m and giclees, biography, reviews, expressionism and exhibitions.

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