North American Nature and Wildlife Painters Painting

Alaskan, marine, wildlife, and landscape prints and original paintings by artist Ed Tussey. Glaciers, whales, seascapes, and sea otters are some of the sujects Mr. Tussey captures on canvas.

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  • Overholtz, Nancy - Specializing in wildlife art and nature art.
  • Tussey, Ed - Alaskan, marine, wildlife, and landscape prints and original north american paintings by artist Ed Tussey. Glaciers, whales, north american seascapes, and sea otters are some of the north american sujects Mr. Tussey captures on canvas.
  • Schrader, Judy - Realistic American wildlife art of bear, elk, cougars, north american eagles, painters geese and raccoons.
  • Howard, Barbara - Paintings and drawings relating to aspects of the earth and north american oceans, and, very importantly, whales.
  • Perry, Marcia - Airbrushed wildlife and marine nature paintings based magical north american realism.
  • Murray, Gregg - The essence and beauty of the natural world are captured north american in exquisite detail by this Florida artist in the scratchboard north american medium.
  • Carter, Brenda - Wildlife art by Brenda Carter, an internationally-recognized nature nature and wildlife artist. Includes North American birds, animals, landscapes. nature and wildlife Description of Feather Quest \\'99, the 500-bird nature and wildlife year.
  • Peeters, Hans - Wildlife artist specializing in paintings of birds and painters mammals. nature and wildlife Raptor specialist who also has been painters involved in mammal nature and wildlife field guide book illustration.
  • Okamoto, Angie - Award winning realistic artwork -- wildlife, western themes, and military dramas rendered in oil or pencil / pastel.
  • Binks, Robert - Reproductions of wildlife paintings ranging from birds, deer painters and elk nature and wildlife to large cats.
  • Coleman, Sue - Canadian wildlife artist with a unique and original painters approach at painters interpreting the native art in North painters America, including paintings of painters the scenery and wildlife painters that influenced the art of the painters People of painters the First Nations.
  • Tate, Rita - Original wildlife and domestic animal paintings by award north american winning nature and wildlife South Dakota artist.
  • Carlson, Craig - Wildlife artist Craig Carlson\\'s artwork has won many painters awards in north american juried shows and is represented in painters collections throughout the United north american States and Central Europe.
  • Fisher, Cynthie - Wildlife and hunting art themes mostly rendered in acrylics.
  • Waterman, Paula - Wildlife and landscape artist working in scratchboard and nature and wildlife in oil.
  • Crockett, Willie - Specializing in watercolor wildfowl art, from the tidewaters of the painters Onancock Virginia.
  • Babb, Julie and Bruce - Cove House Studios. Art gallery featuring this Maine couple\'s paintings, drawings, portraits, calligraphy, and marquetry.

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