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The imagery of Susan Brabeau appeals to the viewer on several levels: bringing forth moods and sentiments of a by gone era, creating an illusion of life so completely that the viewer can almost hear the sounds within an image.

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  • Brabeau, Susan - The imagery of Susan Brabeau appeals to the viewer on oils several levels: bringing forth moods and sentiments of a by oils gone era, creating an illusion of life so completely that oils the viewer can almost hear the sounds within an image.
  • Basford, Ralph - Select examples of his paintings according to subject and painters actual views of the artist\'s studio and at work.
  • Blum, Alexandra - Exploring movement through time and space, work begins b with intensive oils studies on location - currently London. b Steps, bridges, railings and oils junctions are recurrent motifs.
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  • Benichou, Philippe - Oil Paintings using fingers on canvas, paper and b wood By oils Philippe Benichou, a French-American Artist working b in LA.
  • Braham, Ray - Portfolio of abstract and landscape paintings.
  • Belladonna's Romantic Realism Gallery - Presents her oil paintings in a Romantic Realist style. Includes some drawings and a biography.

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