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These paintings reflect a longing for the ocean; others are a response to the role of color and form within the context of the human condition.

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See Also:
  • Michaela - Gallery of oil paintings shown in Florence\'s Contemporary oils art exhibition.
  • Marchesini, Duilio - Oils, pastels, watercolors. Landscapes, portraits, still lives. Rome, m Holy Year
  • Matsumoto, Hiroshi - Oil paintings of abstracts, landscapes, still life, and painters other subjects.
  • McRae, Lila - Original oil on canvas paintings by Central Florida artist Lila oils McRae.
  • Morin, Roland - "The Artist of Colors" uses bright colors with oils.
  • Mora, Raul - Mexican artist who paints in oils. Images, oils biography, and m short extracts from reviews.
  • Mandolini, Omar - Presents images of his contemporary oil paintings, with a biography, painters statement, and reviews. English and Spanish.
  • Martirosyan, Sergaey - Portfolio of abstract, cubistic, and stylized figurative works.
  • Mannella, Gabriella - Landscapes, portraits, still lifes and other oil paintings from an Italian artist.
  • Maru - Show exhibits fantastic, unique, original oil paintings.
  • Maiden, Patricia - Oil Paintings from Australia.
  • MacPherson, Barry - These paintings reflect a longing for the painters ocean; others oils are a response to the role painters of color and form oils within the context painters of the human condition.
  • McNamara, Laurence - Abstract landscapes in oil on wood panel. Images of recent work and curriculum vitae.
  • Meryash, Madeline - Her work encompasses many themes including traditional Portraiture, figures, and m landscapes. Images and resume.
  • Moore, Janice L. - Images of her landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and oils other subjects. m Also events, some comments by oils the artist, a biography, m and a mailing list.
  • Martin, Linde B - Paintings display colors to their fullest while combining rectilinear and painters curvilinear elements.
  • Maimon, Benyamin - Paintings ranging from figurative realism to surrealism.
  • McIrvine, Neil - Collection of the past few years\\' paintings of painters the Melbourne painters artist, with styles ranging from expressionist painters to figurative.
  • Mojzes, Igor - Original oil paintings including figures and landscapes. Provides a biography m and galleries.
  • Mechura, F - Naive paintings of Slovak artist.
  • Mason, Jean - Artwork to make you think and wonder. Bright, oils bold colors.
  • Marks, Honor - Oil paintings by Charleston artist.
  • Marche, Catherine - Oil paintings, prints and etchings expressing the sensuality oils of women oils and their imagination.
  • Macpherson, Sue - Paintings of swimmers, portraits, and still life studies. m Also includes constructive sketches.
  • Munsell, Lee - Reflections of Creation. Waves, seascapes, landscapes. oils A reflection of the artists faith.
  • McMunn, Hugh - The Morpheus gallery contains the interesting and thought m provoking contemporary oil paintings of Hugh McMunn.

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