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Pastel portraits created in the spirit and under the influence of Impressionism, from photographs or in studio by established artist available for commissions.

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  • Ashton, Leila - Fine art portraits in oil, watercolor, pastel, or pencil of portraits boys, girls, teens, adults, or groups (as with pets) that portraits are "a celebration of the person" by accomplished artist, available portraits for commissions.
  • Archie, Keith - Pastel portraits created in the spirit and under the influence of Impressionism, from photographs or in studio by established artist available for commissions.
  • A Stroke of Genius Portrait Artists - Family, corporate, political, royal, judicial, academic, religious, military, a equestrian, and other portraits in oil or other a media by over 100 leading portrait artists. a Site has resources for artists.
  • Annusewicz, Krzysztof - Portraits of men, women, children, and families, including painters executives and a nobility, in oil by internationally collected painters artist trained in the a Old Masters school and painters available for commissions. Site in a English etc.
  • Aymerich, Charo - Contemporary portraits, figurative works, still lifes, interiors, and seascapes in oils, acrylics, or mixed media by Spanish-born artist residing in Rotterdam, available for commissions, and also offering prints.
  • Adams, James D. - Portraits and figurative works painted in oil as "collages" -- a each figure imaginatively and seamlessly composed of a head, torso, a and other, often mismatched body parts -- by much exhibited a Pennsylvania artist.
  • Augusta, George - Portraits in pastel and oil as well as landscapes, beach portraits scenes, nudes, and still lifes available for sale by Boston portraits School painter.
  • Auclair, Marie Hélène - Portraits of people and animals as well as portraits still lifes in pastel by Canadian artist, "mixing portraits reality with imagination" and available for commissions. portraits Site in English and French.
  • Antikajian, Sarkis - Armenian artist painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels painters and inks, who also paints landscapes on location. painters Includes a biography, galleries of paintings, and articles.
  • Amodt - Realistic portraits and figurative works in oil, including portraits Marliyn Monroe portraits and Gong Li, by Southern California portraits artist, working in style portraits of the masters, available portraits for commissions, and also offering giclee portraits prints.
  • Ansell, Mary Jane - Portraits and figurative paintings as well as nudes a and landscapes -- each with a narrative element a -- by BP Portrait Award-selected artist, available for a commissions and offering originals and limited edition prints.
  • Antoniadis, Ioannis - Esoteric Art - Spiritual portraits, figurative works, abstracts, and other painters works "inspired from the inner landscape" by world renowned Greek painters "Intuitive Artist", living in England and available for commissions.
  • Antognetti, Lorenzo - Portraits, still lifes, landscapes, homages to the Masters, a surrealist works, portraits trompe l\\'oeil, and a massive mural a (fresco) for the Palazzo portraits San Giorgio by accomplished a artist/art teacher. Site in English portraits and Italian.
  • Anderson, Jack - Crying Raven Studio - Paintings, including murals, and prints of painters urbanites and Native Americans "for the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul painters and Emotions" by African American/Native American Newark, NJ artist.

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