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Portraits, murals, "land-escapes", triptychs, masks in boxes, and waxen flora by accomplished artist, who "has brush, will travel."

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  • Berkeley, Seamus - Portraits, figurative works, landscapes, and still lifes in a representational b impressionistic style. Downloadable paintings, movies, and information on commission work b and painting instruction.
  • Brason, Paul - Portraits, as of the Royal Family and others, as well b as landscapes, by past president of the Royal Society of b Portrait Painters, exhibiting at the National Portrait Gallery and available b for commissions worldwide.
  • Batchelor, Peter - Portrait paintings, a portfolio of fine portraits, children\\'s portraits portraits and b animal portraits.
  • Brian, Christopher - Portraits, figurative works, still lifes, landscapes, and copies b of Old Masters works in oil on canvas b or panel by Cincinnati artist, painting and teaching b in the Pendleton Art Center and available for b commissions.
  • Bell, Michael - "Celebrity Artist to the Stars" - Celebrity and painters gangster portraits, murals, and other artwork by renowned painters artist and art teacher available for commissions and painters offering originals for sale. News releases.
  • Balding, Aldo - Portraits in oils of men, women, and children as well as figurative and genre paintings (as of people playing or dancing to music) by internationally recognized UK artist.
  • Boyce, Leah Griffith - Portraits painted in oil or watercolor, drawn in painters charcoal, or sculpted in bronze by nationally recognized painters artist with international research, available for commissions.
  • Barth, Gwenneth - A Swiss-American portrait-painter, Gwenneth Barth\'s portfolio includes many painters international figures.
  • Belchetz-Swenson, Sarah - Portraits of public figures in academia and business as well painters as paintings of women and children by accomplished artist available painters for commissions. Other works include landscapes and Holocaust drawings.
  • Borgsmidt, Nicolas - Portraits of children and adults, as in landscapes or with b such wildlife as birds, as well as imaginative scenes in b watercolour or acrylic by Danish painter.
  • Beaumont, Lyn - Custom portraits and other oil paintings of horses b and pets by Australian equine artist.
  • Benson, William - Portraits in oils and pastels as well as figurative works, still lifes, and landscapes by artist available for commissions, as through highly regarded agencies nationwide.
  • Bratfanof, Eugen - "Imaginary portraits of real people" by critically acclaimed Romanian artist, b collected internationally.
  • Birkenstock, Joyce - Portraits -- particularly of women and children as portraits well as of indigenous people worldwide -- in portraits addition to still lifes and landscapes by world-renowned portraits artist/illustrator.
  • Brenner, Karen - Portraits in oil of "everyday moments in the painters lives" of portraits domestic and wild horses -- as painters working, resting, or grazing portraits -- by equine artist painters available for commissions and offering prints.
  • Bos, Paul Christiaan - Portraits of adults and children in oils by painters Dutch artist, b practicing 15th Century techniques. "Travelling painters landscapes" allow website visitor b to "explore" paintings.
  • Bergman, Bonnie - Portraits, murals, "land-escapes", triptychs, masks in boxes, and portraits waxen flora by accomplished artist, who "has brush, portraits will travel."
  • Beiping, Guo - Figure paintings, portraits, and historical paintings in oils by top portraits Chinese artist, with international following, accepting private contracts through American portraits gallery for large or small works.
  • Bailey, Irene - Oil portraits by commission, for clients nationwide, including painters Murals in painters the Minges Coliseum at East Carolina painters University and artwork for painters William Belk in Charlotte, painters NC.
  • Babailov, Igor - Portraits, as of executives, political leaders, celebrities, and b families, in painters classical, traditional style, as well as b multi-figurative murals by world-renowned, painters third-generation master artist available b for commissions.
  • Bendalin, Doretta - Portraits and figurative works, as of individuals, couples, families, and painters children, as well as landscapes, in acrylics or watercolor by painters New Mexico-based artist available for commissions.
  • Breed, Jessica - Portraits of people and pets, abstract art, and other works b -- in pastels, oils, and pencil -- by San Diego b artist.
  • Bartner, Scott E. - Portraits, including of notables, primarily in oil -- b in a traditional manner using an underpainting and b glazing technique -- by American artist practicing in b the Netherlands and available for commissions.
  • Batchelor, Beth - Professional artist based in Alamo, California, specializing in b oil and painters pastel pet and people portraits.
  • Baylin, Basil - Portraits in oil on canvas -- as of family members painters or of notable figures in business, government, or the arts painters -- by highly accomplished artist available for commissions.
  • Berry, Charlotte - Portraits in oils or charcoal that "capture a painters presence, as b well as a likeness" by accomplished painters artist available for commissions.
  • Balthus - Cosmopolis - In memoriam - a biography of the famous portraits painter.
  • Bennett, Mary - Portraits of multi-cultural subjects -- primarily in pastels portraits -- for portraits purchase and by commission from the portraits artist, native to the portraits Bronx, living in the portraits Caribbean, and with family ties to portraits Malta.
  • Bates, Pearl - "Powerful fantasy portraits...an unashamed celebration of beauty and b glamour, glorifying in colour...strong, captivating women" by London-based b artist, collected internationally and available for commissions.
  • BonnyHut - Portraits, landscapes, and murals in oil, acrylic, or b pastel in a realistic to surrealistic style by b Melbourne artist available for commissions and lessons.
  • Barber, Daniel - Figurative paintings and drawings, mostly portraits, with some statements by painters the artist and a curriculum vitae.
  • Briel, Louis - An overview of the portfolio and career of an important portraits American painter specializing in portraits.
  • Barr, Jennifer - "Grand Impressions" - Portraits of families, adults, children, or pets painters -- including Renaissance Faire Series -- as well as other painters works for homes or businesses in oil by Vacaville, CA painters artist available for commissions.
  • Bankston, Elaine - Portraits of adults (including judges and executives), children, b pets and horses, and homes, in oil, pastel, b or charcoal, by well-traveled artist available for commissions b and offering limited edition prints for sale.
  • Burnett, Tamara - Realistically detailed and expressive portraits of dogs, other b pets, and wildlife in watercolor, acrylic, or graphite b by artist renowned as "The Painter of Eyes", b available for commissions, and offering limited edition prints.
  • Brown, Theresa - Fine Art portraits by M T Brown. Works b in oils b and pastels.
  • Bruce, Sally - Portraits of dogs, cats, other pets, horses, wolves, b or other animals or people in acrylic, gouache, b pastel, or pencil by "animal loving artist", available b for commissions and offering limited and open edition b prints.

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