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Portraits of people or animals, still lifes, landscapes, and trompe l'oeil wall paintings, in classic oil or watercolor technique, as "creative realism" by artist available for commissions and offering originals for sale.

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  • Martin, William F. - Portraits of people or animals, still lifes, landscapes, and trompe l\\'oeil wall paintings, in classic oil or watercolor technique, as "creative realism" by artist available for commissions and offering originals for sale.
  • McGovern, Lenore - Portraits, "visual biographies," of children and adults, including painters Princess Diana, portraits Marilyn Monroe, and Gloria Steinhem, in painters acrylic or other media, portraits with writing by Toronto painters artist, available for commissions.
  • Making Faces - Portraits of men, women, children, and families in oil or "photosculptures" by American-born Sean Malone and German-born Matt Gatton, both practicing in the Philippines and available for commissions.
  • Mahood, Julia - Mahood Studio - Portraits of adults and children painters (as with m fanciful backgrounds) as well as figurative painters works, still lifes, and m classical studies in oil painters by Atlanta, Georgia artist available for m commissions.
  • McCready, Benjamin - Painting corporate, university and family portraits for more portraits than 600 clients in 40 states and 17 portraits countries for over 25 years.
  • McGinnis, Joy - Primarily sunlit portraits, figurative works, still lifes, and portraits landscapes in portraits oil or watercolor and/or pastel by portraits artist available for commissions portraits and offering works for portraits sale.
  • Mabee, Ruth - Portraits of people -- of all ages and portraits descriptions -- and of homes and boats as portraits well as seascapes, landscapes, and "spiritual meditations" by portraits Florida watercolor artist available for commissions.
  • Melancon, Gary John - Portrait Artist working from life with oils on lifesize portraits portraits on location and in Washington, DC studio.
  • Montoya, Eric - Uniquely creative portraits, painted with classic oil techniques m but each composed of numerous smaller, detailed, colorful m objects (such as flowers) geometrically integrated into the m overall design.
  • Mattelson, Marvin - Portraits, including works in the National Portrait Gallery, combining "a m contemporary aesthetic with classical painting technique", by acclaimed American artist, m offering classes and available for commissions.
  • McBride, D. Arthur - Portraits, fauna, flora, and landscapes, in oil, acrylic, or watercolor, portraits by artist available for commissions, exhibiting (as on the weekends portraits in his own Havanna, Florida gallery), and teaching several classes portraits a week.
  • Myers, C. J. - Portraits, landscapes, and still lifes in oil or pastel by northern California artist available for commissions nationwide.
  • Miccio, Kathrina - Portraits, as of rock musicians and jazz legends, painters as well as Italian genre scenes, landscapes, and painters cityscapes in oil or acrylic by New York painters City-based artist, available for commissions and offering originals painters and prints.
  • Mackay, Susanne - Portraits in oil or acrylic that "strive to portraits express the complexity and the miraculousness of each portraits individual" by renowned Canadian artist, available for commissions portraits of paintings as well as sculpture.
  • Mednick, Annabel - Portraits and figurative works primarily in oil as m well as portraits multi-media installations "achieving a blend of m the classical and contemporary" portraits by accomplished UK artist/actress, m offering works for sale and commissions.
  • Mennim, Peter - Portraits in oil on canvas of individuals and painters groups -- portraits including a formal portrait of a painters very large group, with portraits recognizable individuals -- by painters artist available for commissions.
  • Mendoza, June - Portraits of the British Royal Family, members of Parliament, diplomats, portraits military leaders, clergymen, academics, lawyers, writers, actors and actresses, musicians, portraits and businessmen by member of Royal Portrait Society.
  • McKie, Lucy J. - Portraits in oil of government officials, military officers, clergy, corporate executives, and a wide variety of other sitters (as from many cultures) by internationally renowned British artist, available for commissions.
  • McLellan, Diane - Modern contemporary portraits of children and adults as painters well as portraits still lifes and landscapes in acrylic painters or gouache by artist portraits based in South West painters London, available for commissions, and offering portraits originals and painters prints for sale.
  • McCormack, Paul W. - Nationally recognized, award-winning artist available for commissions, as through Portraits Inc.
  • McClancy, George - Portrait painting in the classical tradition by George McClancy with m online portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Meadows, Don - Oil portraits and maritime, aviation, and other subjects portraits in a m blend of "realistic and impressionistic styles" portraits by artist available for m commissions and for personal portraits or business photography, writing, or editing m services.
  • Melenka, Perry - Portraits in transparent oil paints, as well as watercolors, sketches, m photographs, and digital arts.
  • McCardel, Elaine - Portraits of men, women, children, and families in oil or pastel, "in the classical tradition", by American Society of Portrait Artists member, available for commissions.
  • Meyer, Richard - Dark and grotesque portrait paintings, with carnival and mystical themes.
  • Meek, Valerie - Realistic portraits and representations of the human figure rendered in m oils, charcoal, or pencil by classically trained visual artist available m for commissions.

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