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Post modernism is a genre of art developed as a reaction against principles and practices of established modernism (twentieth century until the end of World War II). In general terms any work of art made after the Modernist era should be considered post modern. Compared with modernism, post modernism is less geometric, less functional, less austere, more playful, and more willing to include elements from diverse times and cultures.

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See Also:
  • Burgess, Robert - Displays the latest works of New York artist, post modernism with painters a focus on color, energy and movement.
  • Coyer, Max - Displaying minimalist, abstract, and enigmatic paintings.
  • Whyte, Fiona - Cheerful acrylic on canvas paintings capture the essence of Auckland cityscapes and New Zealand coastal scenes.
  • Frank, F. - Wild, graphic, colorful cartoony fish paintings.
  • Buchholz, Daniel - Vibrant scenes of humans and cityscapes in watercolor, painters acrylic and mixed media.
  • Es, Carol - Features paintings, object art and installations in a variety of painters media. Artist's biography and exhibitions.
  • Perry, Vicky - Combined use of representational and action/process painting techniques.
  • Platt, David - Images of his surrealist and experimental paintings.
  • Calzetta, Tony - Featuring colorful abstract paintings and prints, described as \'abstract comics\', or 'surreal funnies' by the artist.
  • Day, Harry - Paints and exhibits wave paintings, as well as painters florals and abstracts.
  • Pirro, Louis - Traces his stylistic evolution from his early work, post modernism through painters "Maximalism" and "Pan-Imagery", and up to "The post modernism School of painters Idaho". Includes images and curriculum vitae.
  • Boruck, Holly - Paints oil and acrylic landscape, still life, abstract and portrait on canvas, paper and mixed media.
  • Gropper, Klaus - Provides a manifesto and galleries for the self-described painting anarchic realist artist.
  • Shephard, Regis - Brightly colored, cartoon-like figurative paintings.

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