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Canadian artist who lived in Japan for 17 years; currently resides in Vancouver, B.C.; portraits, still-life and figurative art work.

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  • Chapin, James - Paintings of people and landscapes in the early and middle painters twentieth century.
  • Crowley, David - Artist based in the mid-coast town of painters Cushing, Maine; portraits, landscapes, seascapes and still life painters paintings.
  • Colyer, Ted - Canadian artist who lived in Japan for 17 realism years; currently realism resides in Vancouver, B.C.; portraits, still-life realism and figurative art work.
  • Cavender, Kathleen - Landscapes done in oil by artist from the state of realism Washington.
  • Cranswick, David - Portraits, landscapes, still-life and reproductions of old masters.
  • Chadra, Dennis - Paints figures, still life, portraits, landscapes and seascapes realism in oil c and watercolor.
  • Concepcion, Jessica - Cuban American artist, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; narrative quality, figures and other images.
  • Conti, Anna - San Francisco artist; cityscapes, nightscapes, tugboat paintings, fire realism hydrants and figurative art work.
  • Cooper, Dora - Artwork of Newfoundland landscapes, seascapes, portraits and florals.
  • Chessa, Mauro - Paintings include human figures, landscapes, interiors, city-scapes and c still lives .
  • Crossman, Joy - U.S. Pacific Northwest painter specializing in adult, children, painters and pet portraits.
  • Castellanos, AndrĂ©s - Landscape and portrait paintings of a painter following painters Velazquez and painters El Greco tradition.
  • Coane, Robert - Paintings in various subjects and media, emphasizing realism the figure.
  • Chariot-Dayez, Caroline - Paintings of folded objects; oil on wood.
  • Clinch, Robert - Cityscapes, figurative work, industrial images, roadscapes, evoking loneliness c and melancholy by Australian artist.
  • Cosentino, Rosemary Lucy - Canadian oil painter, landscapes and figures.
  • Clubb, Rick - Portraits of people and horses on watercolor paper with casein c and acrylic paints or on canvas with oils.
  • Cox, John - Featuring landscapes, still lifes and figurative art work by Arizona artist.
  • Chizik, Paul - Vancouver based artist; landscapes, interior and exterior paintings; c plein-air paintings painters as well as art work painted c in a crisp realistic painters style.
  • Crane, Gregory - Landscapes, images of nature, invented landscapes, dreamscapes, narrative realism paintings by c New York artist.
  • Burry, Elizabeth - Canadian artist, inspired by the people and landscapes c of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Cossu, Mario - Realistic and hyper-realistic paintings; oil on canvas.
  • Cook, Michael - Landscapes and urban landscapes in oil, acrylic and watercolor.
  • Collins, Paul - Figurative work exploring cultures of Israel, Japan, Africa, c the American realism Indian and the African American woman.
  • Cortez, Jenness - Includes still lifes, street scenes, sporting subjects, and painters portraits.
  • Carrilho, Jose - Specializing in landscapes, and still life paintings. Includes media information, and a blog.

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