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  • Downes, David - Gallery of the artist\\'s work often, although not d exclusively of the Stoke Newington area.
  • Doren, Henry - Images of the artist\'s still lifes, landscapes and portraits.
  • Dimitrov, Alexander - Bulgarian artist living in New York City; architectural, painters figurative, still-life oil paintings.
  • Donnelly, Brian - Large paintings by brian donnelly.
  • DeJesse, Andrew Scott - Landscapes, exteriors and figurative artwork.
  • Dance, R.B. - Nautical art, landscapes, still lifes and botantical paintings.
  • de Groot, Ellen - Dutch painter; portraits and figurative artwork.
  • Damien, Alexander - Figurative artwork by Norwegian painter.
  • Doidge, Elizabeth - London born artist living in Australia; images of Australian exteriors, interiors and landscapes.
  • Davis, William R. - Marine and landscape paintings by Cape Cod artist.
  • Derderian, Elizabeth - Acrylic portraits, still life and landscapes.
  • Dvorak, Kristina - Still life, floral and figurative work.
  • Dunn-Harr, Vie - Gallery of paintings includes florals, figuratives, architecturals, angels, and landscapes.
  • D'Elia, Anthony - Gallery of paintings includes still life, florals, portraits and figures.

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