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  • Hiner, Sharon - Oil and acrylic paintings of landscapes, animals, wildlife, mountain ranges realism in Alaska, Montana and Idaho.
  • Hekker, Gerard - Figurative work, landscapes, still life, exterior and sports oil paintings by German artist.
  • Harwood, Garry L. - Artwork includes landscapes, marine art, still life, and cosmic scenes painted in oil
  • Harrison, Michael and Jayne - Landscapes with horses, portraits of dogs, flowers, scenes from Europe painters and the United States.
  • Hollingsworth, Karen - Moody interiors of shadow and light; still life in oil and portraits in pastel by Atlanta based artist.
  • Herman, Paul - Paintings include portraits, murals, sculpture, oil on canvas, landscapes and h still life by American artist now living in Thailand.
  • Harris, Robert - Landscapes, wildlife, seascapes and townscapes by Bedfordshire artist.
  • Hayes, Jeff - Paintings in oil of landscapes, still lifes, urban scenes, and figures by Boston artist.
  • Hyoda, Jiro - A gallery of floral studies, portraiture, landscapes, figurative h art and urban scenes, done in oil and h pastel.
  • Hamawi, Christos - Paintings of nature, still life and architecture in oil.
  • Hoskins, Titus - Featuring paintings and drawings of landscapes, townscapes, still life, portraits, boats and animals by artist from St. Alban's, Newfoundland.
  • Higgins, Doug - Seascapes, cityscapes and landscapes by artist living in painters Santa Fe, NM
  • Heil, Moni - Paintings of horses and ranch animals by artist living in realism Colorado.
  • Hickcoxf, Julie - New England landscape and architecture paintings in acrylic painters and watercolor.
  • Hansen, Rick - Landscapes and still life paintings.
  • Hannaman, Robyn S. - Oil and watercolor paintings; portraits, still life and landscapes.
  • Holland, David.R. - New Zealand artist whose oil paintings, on canvas h or board, painters depict wildlife, still life, portraiture and h the old masters.
  • Hughes, Neal - Landscapes, seascapes, gardens, portraits and figure paintings done realism in oil.
  • Heard, Bill - Figurative painter focusing on current events.
  • Hammond, Janet - Pennsylvania artist/teacher, whose work includes figures, still lifes, h landscapes and h portraits.
  • Hanson, Brian George - Portraits, landscapes, cars and special commissions painted in realism oils, pastel or mixed media.

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