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Creator of Book of Psalms, a personal interpretation done in a classical symbolic style. Includes a biography, personal statements and examples.

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  • Zahr, May - Style is abstract symbolism and speak of love, symbolism light, union painting and eternity.
  • Balasa, Sabin - Images of works by the Romanian artist.
  • Jessing, Michael - Creator of Book of Psalms, a personal interpretation painting done in a classical symbolic style. Includes a painting biography, personal statements and examples.
  • Jia Lu - Contemporary Chinese-born woman artist paints mainly images of women and painters traditionalist ink paintings. Flash slide-shows and biographical articles.
  • Swallow, Ryan - Portfolio of realistic and symbolic, mostly figurative acrylic painters paintings.
  • Schrauzer, Michael - Presents enigmatic still life paintings, rendered in oil, and mixed painters media.
  • Hanson, Erik - Symbolic/allegorical representational and abstract original paintings.
  • ArtĂ©mis - Gallery of symbolic landscape, and figurative oil paintings. painting In English painters and French.
  • Hamilton, Alex - Vibrant and young, Contemporary South African Artist.
  • Leenhouwers, Carl - Contemporary artist\\'s paintings inspired by the styles of painters the old masters, but expressing strong emotions. painters Includes comments by the artist.
  • Csanadi, Ibolya - Oil paintings partaking of symbolism and surrealism, and painters mostly representing the female figure. Images and painters curriculum vitae.
  • Atroshenko, Paul - Paintings by an Australian artist; figurative and representational, fantastic realism, influenced by Renaissance art.
  • Hollis, Mary - Exhibition of Tarot cards paintings, rendered in acrylic symbolism and gouache.
  • Thibodeaux, P.S. - The "Reminders" are allegorical paintings by a contemporary painters Texas artist. Using old world masters’ techniques she painters paints contemporary scenes with dramatic lighting to mimic painters the polarity of the world in which we painters live.
  • Ansell, Jill - Colorful allegorical and narrative paintings from the realm symbolism of myth painting and archetype. Images, statement, and symbolism curriculum vitae.
  • Artes, Yann - With his paintings Artes shares his happiness and "joie de vivre". In English, French and Italian.
  • Isachev, Alexandr - Images of the work of the artist from symbolism Belarus, with a bibliographical note.
  • Machalek, Jan - Fantastic, visionary and symbolic art. Images, statement, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Barrington, Rebecca - Provides a gallery and links to other related sites.
  • Weschler Rubeck, Shari - Exciting, whimsical art, humorous images include "The Corporate painting Cabaret" and painters "Tuna Tango".
  • Walker, Sharyne E. - Artist's personal site.
  • Frenn, Chawky - Lebanese-American painter who concentrates on social and philosophical questions evoking painting strong feelings. Images and resume.
  • Conde, Eduardo - Cuban artists. Paintings.
  • Speshilov, Alina - Contemporary Tel Aviv painter inspired by prehistoric and symbolism Chinese art. Provides a brief profile, past exhibitions, symbolism downloads and links.
  • Serard, Viviane - Visionary painter. Virtual gallery presenting her dream paintings. Also a painters biography.
  • Estrup, Carole - A sampling of Western, metaphysical and geo-political oil painting paintings. painters Also samples of her poetry and painting advertisements for her books, painters and a biographical note.
  • Savelkoul, Francine - Belgian Symbolist painter. Site is in English and French.
  • Rapisardo, MaryBeth - Gallery of visionary fine art includes paintings, prints, cards, and other formats. Images, comments, and curriculum vitae.
  • Adam, Thomas - Oil paintings, watercolors by Swiss artist, who tries painting to live symbolism life as art form.
  • Barr, Tommy - Features art of Northern Ireland\\'s distinctive motifs and icons which characterise the Celtic style.
  • Liimatainen, Ari - Gallery of Finnish contemporary artist. Also an art painters schoolteacher in Suolahti. Includes exhibition information.
  • Ziermann, Peter A. - Offers various descriptive galleries by the Swiss artist.

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