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"...intriguing intimate glimpses into a frame of mind and an artistic style that was the epitome of its time." -- Thomas P. F. Hoving

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  • Bierman, Sandra - View artworks by this internationally known contemporary figurative the human figure painters oil painter, biography, resume, and awards.
  • Berk, Chuck - Contemporary artist painting in acrylic, watercolor, ink and wash. painters Subjects include the artist and model, at work, in the painters studio.
  • Bailey, Edwin Ryan - Neo-Regionalist figurative and narrative paintings.
  • Beck, Martin - Beck struggles to depict the human condition of the human figure b his age, but within an altered framework. the human figure b Images, biography, and reviews.
  • Barbour, James Xavier - Figurative realism in paintings, sculptures and drawings combining a painters classic style with contemporary themes.
  • Bragg, Charles - Prints and originals by renowned artist.
  • Burculet, Mihai Nechita - Romanian painter of religious and figural works with b Early Renaissance b echoes. Images and biography.
  • Block, Julian - Powerful canvasses in the tradition of Goya ask us to b explore our own attitudes to war, politics, the Holocaust, aging b and the environment. Witty, disturbing and brilliantly painted.
  • Barabakh, Ihor - New York painter creates expressionistic nudes and other figural works in oil on canvas, oil on paper, and other media.
  • Blondal, Stefan - Biography, works, original oilpaintings. Eroticism and sensuality, portraits, mysticism and b spirituality.
  • Bisco, Josephine - Compositions based on ancient Greek, Renaissance, and historic painters Christian elements b rendered in a style suggesting painters their origins.
  • Board, Aaron - A feast for the hungry eyes of the art purist/social nihilist.
  • Burchartz, Sandra - A varied interest ranging from classic nudes and painters fashion to traditional religious icons.
  • Baiao, Antonio - Exhibits expressionistic figure studies by a Portuguese artist painters now living the human figure in Algarve. Includes biographical note.
  • Blondell, Tina - Contemporary figurative paintings representing women, in watercolors and the human figure the human figure oils, by Austrian-American artist Tina Blondell. Images, the human figure the human figure statement, exhibitions, and curriculum vitae.
  • Botto, Lucia - Brazilian painter exhibits acrylic paintings, done in a stylized and b minimalist manner.
  • Barrett, Julie - Artist working in oils and mixed media in Dublin, Ireland. Images, biography, news, message board, and guestbook.
  • Botero, Fernando - An unusual view of contemporary humanity with a the human figure the human figure style suggesting Rubens and the Renaissance period.
  • Brummel, A. James - A forum for the art of A. James the human figure Brummel.
  • Barnes, Ernie - Official website of figurative artist.
  • Braithwaite, T.R. - The Lost Ladies Collection - "...intriguing intimate glimpses into a frame of mind the human figure b and an artistic style that was the epitome the human figure b of its time." -- Thomas P. F. Hoving
  • Bordelois, Augusto - Cuban artist currently working in Cleveland, Ohio. painters Sensual magical-realism painters with vibrant colors and meaningful content. painters Images, resume, and painters news.
  • Bruin, Randolf - A Dutch painter who lives and works in the human figure painters China. Mostly expressionistic female nudes implying social commentary, the human figure painters with some abstracts and other subjects. With the human figure painters comments by the artist.
  • Boots, Petrus - Paintings, pencil drawings, and lithographs, expressing human spirituality.
  • Bell, E. C. - Classic female nude renderings done with a rich, b colorful palette. b Includes slide shows and weblog.
  • Barnett, Jack and Vera - Renderings ranging from candid realism to whimsy and the human figure painters allegorical. A diverse offering from an artist pair.

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