The Human Figure Painters Painting Visual Arts

A young professional painter from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Character portraits and other figural work on the human character. Images and biography.

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  • McGlashan, Barry - Paintings and drawings with a figurative mix of the human figure painters narrative, and personal experience.
  • Musovic, Tafil - Portfolio of symbolic and stylized figurative paintings and m drawings.
  • Maedgen, Kevin - Artist uses vintage costumes, stage sets, and theatrical lighting to m create narrative, figurative paintings in Venice, California.
  • Marco, Kristen - Commissioned portraits, still lifes and ideal ladies. Images and m biography.
  • Murphy, Tim - Presents his surrealistic explorations of the female figure, draped and painters undraped. Includes statement.
  • Moeser, Chip - Celebrates the motion of the female body in painters acrylic, pastel, the human figure charcoal, and pencil.
  • Macdonald, David - Contemporary oil paintings and pastels of the female figure.
  • Mandus, Ryl - Realist and surrealist paintings and drawings of male and female painters figures.
  • Mistretta, Pat - Mistretta Studios - Beautifully rendered figurative artwork on painters contemporary women. the human figure From bold and bright to soft painters and spiritual.
  • Martins, Raquel - Figure paintings and drawings ranging from a nearly the human figure abstract suggestion of form to a stylized the human figure graphic treatment.
  • McCurry, Cyn - Exhibiting figurative and portrait artworks, done in neo-classical painters style.
  • Mahmood, Asma Arshad - Collection of sfumato figurative oil paintings by the the human figure the human figure Pakistani born artist, now living in Canada. [Flash]
  • Merz, Geri - Paintings and drawings by the Swiss artist, with a biographical painters note.
  • Mannix, Max - Lively, colorful characters and scenes of life in the Australian bush.
  • Muha Martin, Eniko - Allegorical figures in a very distinctive style. Oil, the human figure the human figure pastel, mixed media.
  • Mallory, R. - Painter in oils.
  • Mintardja, Joe - A young professional painter from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. painters Character portraits and other figural work on painters the human character. Images and biography.
  • Malmgren, Ulf - Mostly realistic nude paintings from special surroundings, such as the Red Light District, Amsterdam.
  • Mullarkey, Maureen - Presents uncommon figure paintings and drawings, and guest painters of the human figure still life, interior, and landscape.
  • Mnev, Artist Vladimir - Israeli artist exhibiting modern fauvist figurative acrylic paintings.

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