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Images of her paintings of people, places, and things in watercolors and mixed watermedia. Note cards and prints available. With introduction by artist.

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See Also:
  • Steadham, Lydia - Original watercolors of landscapes, figures and other forms.
  • Shriver, Steve - A portfolio of artwork that deals with the modern landscape of transportation and industry.
  • Stimeling, Peter - Watercolor portraits, still life, and landscapes.
  • Steen - Watercolor portraits and pigure paintings, still lifes and s landscapes. Also some details of the watercolors.
  • Schwartz, Karen - Images of her paintings of people, places, and things in watercolors and mixed watermedia. Note cards and prints available. With introduction by artist.
  • Sargeant, John - Watercolour paintings of New Zealand buildings and natural watercolors scenes.
  • Schreyer, Brigitte - Creates landscapes, close-ups, and floral compositions. Provides a biography, gallery and links.
  • Slater, Lori - Watercolors by California artist.
  • Stephens, Richard - Showcases landscape, portrait, and nude paintings.
  • Schilling, Richard - A well-traveled artist, shares his impressions in a painters gallery of fresh and luminous watercolor paintings.
  • Suchland, Michele - Original watercolor still lifes.
  • Smith, Mary Cooper - Gallery and biographical information on American watercolorist, Mary Cooper Smith.
  • Swartz, Susan - Susan Swartz, official artist for the2002 Olympics; watercolors and acrylics.
  • Schiau, Valeriu - Landscape of the Romanian countryside and floral still painters lifes in painters watercolor.
  • Stoffel, Esther - Watercolor images.
  • Sandwyk, Charles van - Painter and illustrator from Vancouver, Canada, exhibits paintings watercolors of the s fairy-tale creatures.
  • Snedeker-Martinez, Carol - Watercolor artist living in western North Carolina. painters She specializes watercolors in fantasy, portraits, florals, and pet painters portraits. She also watercolors has original greeting cards. painters Images and artist's comments.
  • Scheirer, David - Watercolors painted in a contemporary realist style. Primarily s quirky still watercolors lifes.
  • Speed, David - Gallery display of abstract watercolors from Lower Manhattan artist incorporating s Asian themes.
  • Santos, Joe - Watercolor paintings of heavy machinery and industrial settings in photo s realistic style. Curriculum Vitae included.
  • Shabino, Diane B. - Contemporary realistic watercolor still-life and landscape paintings and watercolors portraits of s both people and animals. Commissions from watercolors photos available.
  • Stanic, Velimir - Artist presents a gallery of original works representative of Dubrovnik, s the sea, rocks and nature.
  • Shiu, Kerryn - Original watercolor paintings inspired by the beauty of watercolors Hawaii.
  • Sardar, K. - Watercolors of Italian landscapes: original, prints and watercolors s calendar: Florence, watercolors Siena, Rome, Venice, Tuscany
  • Stubbs Cooney, Marilyn - Gallery of watercolor works from British Columbia based painters artist.
  • Shahnaz - Watercolor paintings by Shahnaz.
  • Simmons, Barbara - Exhibits her art, and offers watercoloring tips.
  • Stone, Todd - Large selection of paintings.
  • Sol-Guibert, Nicole - Landscape and seascape paintings done by the French s artist. In painters English and French.
  • Stounberg, Lars - New spirit of watercolor painting from Denmark, landscapes watercolors and the interaction between light and shadow.
  • Skinner, Steve - Photorealistic paintings, depicting urban areas found in Chicago.

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