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Performance group that combines percussion, concrete and electronic music, theatre and dance. Many artistic means of expression, mixed in a primitive-ritualistic aesthetic.

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  • Mischief La-Bas - An interactive walkabout performance company located in Glasgow, performance art UK. Contact information included.
  • Just Landed - Multimedia performance group combining music, dance and theater artists from N.Y., performance art New York. Contact information included.
  • Scrollover - Collaborative performances and installations by movement artist Meg Cottam and groups visual artist Bill Botzow, on the web with physicist/digital artist groups Frank Peseckis.
  • Ethno-Techno Art for the New Millennium - Official page for Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha groups Nostra, a multidisciplinary arts organization that provides a groups support network and forum for artists of various groups disciplines and ethnic backgrounds exploring globalization, migration, inter-cultural groups iden
  • Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Indie-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band using found slide artists collections, and turning the lives of anonymous strangers artists into pop-rock musical exposes.
  • New World Disorder Art Actions - Articulating the established new world order by a performance art community groups of artists around the globe.
  • a rose is - music and performance group - Projects, performance dates and press reviews of this music and artists performance ensemble.
  • Damaged Californians - An award-winning pair of L.A.-based media artists whose comically iconoclastic avant-garde work has been shown everywhere from national television to underground nightclubs.
  • Projects by Praxis: Performance Artists - Brief project descriptions of the work of Delia artists Bajo and Brainard Carey. Contact information included
  • George Coates Performance Works - Current shows described, theater and contact information included. Based in San Francisco.
  • Zik Group - Performances that integrate sculpture with actions and original performance art music performance art in real time, using images of water, performance art earth, fire performance art and iron which transform during the performance art show.
  • Morganville - A performance collaborative between Trevor Martin and Kym performance art Olsen, groups producing a number of durational and evening performance art length performances. groups Currently Artists-In-Resident at Insight Arts.
  • Future Flow - The newest Belgian hip hop team that can groups be hired for many events, such as shows groups and demonstrations. Located in Belgium. To view, site groups requires Flash5.
  • Surveillance Camera Players - A group that performs silent specially adapted plays performance art directly artists in front of surveillance cameras.
  • Living Statuary Designs - A group of artists creating living statues as interactive and artists ornamental elements in a variety of environments.
  • Idiot Machine Online - Features photos, videos and music from the California groups performance group\\'s groups work as well as information on groups upcoming events and shows.
  • Young Talent Team Malta - Professional team of teen entertainers from the island of Malta.
  • Fidget Feet Performance Company - Innovative performance company led by Chantal and Jym performance art Daly artists that stretches boundaries between dance, theatre, aerial(circus), performance art storytelling, music, artists video and art in a performance.
  • The Five Andrews - Live art, not quite pop group based in London, England characterised by sublime and futile ritualistic content, often minimalist.
  • Dodeska Performance Ensemble - The site of the New York City based performance art group with archived work and listings of upcoming events.
  • The Icelandic Love Corporation - ILC is a group of three artists, Sigrún groups Hrólfsdóttir, Jóní artists Jónsdóttir and Eirún Sigurðardóttir working in groups performance, video, installation and artists other media.
  • Brothers of the Flame Fire Poi - Performing fire poi (traditional art of fire spinning). groups Reviews, photographs groups and contact information on site.
  • Club d'Essai - Performance group that combines percussion, concrete and electronic artists music, theatre and dance. Many artistic means of artists expression, mixed in a primitive-ritualistic aesthetic.
  • Images XXI - Audiovisual shows based on music of the Russian and foreign performance art composers XVIII-XX centuries. Ensemble consists of theremin, grand piano, performance art tenor and soprano, plastic dancers and visualizer.

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