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Swedish artist presents a virtual portfolio. Site text is in English but captions on cartoon-style illustrations are in Swedish. Acrylic paintings also displayed.

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  • Oshiro, Gabrielle - Online portfolio of paintings and drawings in different personal pages media. personal pages Figurative. Horses. Text in English, Italian, and personal pages Spanish.
  • Oldfield, Jane - London-based contemporary abstract artist shows paintings, prints, and o collage. Includes o exhibitions listing.
  • Olugebefola, Ademola - African-American artist presents a sampling of work produced visual arts in personal pages the past 35 years. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • O'Neill, Sandi - New Zealand-based artist whose Maori heritage is reflected in her personal pages work. Abstract.
  • Ormerod, Clare - Young, London-based artist shows impressionist-style townscapes and seascapes.
  • Oleson, Cindy L. - Representational watercolors and pastels by this Idaho-based artist and art personal pages instructor. Also offers prints for sale.
  • Oneto, Cecilia Ravera - Figurative and expressionist paintings by the late Italian o artist. Includes visual arts biography and exhibitions listing. Text also o in Italian.
  • Osterman, Barbara - Abstraction and symbolism in works involving watercolor and personal pages layered visual arts paper by this New Jersey-based artist.
  • Omiros - Impressionist and expressionist paintings presented in a virtual museum. Background personal pages music. Includes biography of this Greek artist.
  • Ostroff, Harvey - Whimsical driftwood sculpture by this British Colombia-based artist visual arts who personal pages is also a playwright, teacher, and actor.
  • O'Carroll, Linn - Up My Sleeve: printmaker and environmental artist presents an online portfolio. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • O'Malley, Leith - South Australian artist presents an online portfolio featuring traditional and digital works. Representational and expressionist.
  • O'Kane, Matthew - Young Irish artist shows cityscape sketches and paintings. Includes artist o statement.
  • Ortenstone, Nancy - New Mexico artist shows abstract landscapes, giclees, and monotypes. Includes personal pages exhibitions listing.
  • Osterberg, Dan - Ivory Crusader\\'s homepage: selection of photography, drawings, cartoons, animations, graphical visual arts art, and computer items.
  • Ozcan, Eray - This artist from Turkey presents an online portfolio visual arts featuring o landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in visual arts Turkish.
  • Ouroumov, Emile - Online gallery of artistic and photographic projects. Graphic personal pages design.
  • Oldfield, Paul - Paintings, photographs and animations are shown by this English artist. personal pages Includes resume.
  • O'Gara, Ursula Boylan - Twenty-two oil paintings by the Irish artist. Representational. visual arts Includes visual arts biography.
  • Olssons, Annmari - Swedish artist presents a virtual portfolio. Site text personal pages is o in English but captions on cartoon-style illustrations personal pages are in o Swedish. Acrylic paintings also displayed.
  • Ozanne, Richard - New York City-based artist shows abstract landscapes and o figurative works and focuses on form. Includes exhibitions o listing.
  • Odenstrand, Marie - Drawings and photography by this Swedish artist. Abstracts o and graphics.
  • Osborne, Irene - Landscapes and portraits by this Western Australian artist. o Representational. Includes CV.
  • Oya, Julie K. - Canadian artist shows photos and designs (installations, jewelry, visual arts web personal pages sites). Includes bio.
  • Olieng - California-based web designer\\'s online portfolio showcases his talents visual arts in graphic design, web development, and photography. Includes visual arts tutorials and weblog.
  • Oriana - Spiffy Ransom: artwork and several issues of an original fantasy personal pages comic.
  • Oursler, Tony - Selected video and installation works are showcased by personal pages a o New York artist. Includes exhibitions listings. Flash.
  • O'Connell, Jennifer - Found still-lives within a Massachusetts home are the visual arts subject o of these painterly works. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • Overbay, Paula - New York artist presents colorist-style abstract paintings. Includes o exhibitions listing.
  • Okun, Caroline - Provides samples of graphic design from Chapel Hill, visual arts North Carolina artist. Includes resume.
  • Orens, Dieter - Belgian designer presents a weblog and resume.
  • Olson, Shawn - "The wall worm is just a small window into a little region of the creative arts by one artist who struggles to find boundaries."
  • Ortiz, Chandra - Boston artist shows a series of inter-related paintings, mixed media visual arts and works on paper about culture, connectedness, and power. Dieppa visual arts Studio.
  • Oliveira Asenbeck, Edna Aparecida de - Impressionist and abstract paintings and etchings, also realist visual arts drawings o by the Brazilian-born artist. Includes bio.
  • Otter, John - Southern California artist presents painting, prints, and poetry. o Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.
  • O'Connor, Harry - Online portfolio featuring samples of illustrations and web o design work. visual arts Complex digital imagery and montage.
  • Osterholm, Goran - This Swedish artist, Mr G, presents so-called Spaceistic personal pages works of art and painted portraits. Text in personal pages English and Swedish.
  • Oram, D. - Painter and illustrator. Profile, portfolio, and news.
  • Oginski, Eugeniusz - Polish artist presents paintings, photos, drawings, still-lifes, landscapes, personal pages and nudes in classic and digital form.
  • Oliver, Margaret - Washington artist shows figurative drawings and mixed-media sculpture.
  • Othman, Tourya - Sculpture, painting, photography, and film by this Arizona visual arts artist. Abstract. Slide-show presentation of works.
  • O'Beirne, Megan - Abstract expressionist oil and acrylic paintings by this personal pages Irish artist.
  • Ohashi, Noriko - Japanese artist shows visionary and surrealist works. Figurative. visual arts Cartoons and music too.

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