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Flips the still-circulating question of "But is it art?" from the 70s in order to pose a new set of questions regarding cultural production's potential or effect.

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Editor's Picks:

Postmodern Culture* - Electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures. Includes essays, reviews and an archive.

  • Narcissus Guide - A reflection as well a poetry about the visual arts culture visual arts of visuality.
  • Adrian Stokes - Introduction to the life and work of the author, painter, arts poet, and art critic, Adrian Stokes.
  • Criteria - Features reviews of art gallery shows and of private art arts collections in the Los Angeles area by Christopher Mulrooney. Also arts few reviews of poetry and plays.
  • Art Without Artifice - Personal commentary and historical information on a number of paintings visual arts by artists including Ingres and Picasso.
  • Fred Camper - Writings on art and film; includes original reviews and catalogs essays on contemporary art.
  • Haber's Art Reviews - John Haber reviews New York City art galleries and museums.
  • - All the writings of Scottish art critic Catrìona visual arts Black.
  • Sergey Volkov's and Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky's Artistic Expression - Essay by Galina Carinova which discusses the impact of childhood visual arts in the paintings and music of the aforementioned artists.
  • Artnote - Reviews by Kou Ikeda about the work of arts Shunsuke Matsumoto, arts Toshiyuki Hasekawa, Picasso and Ryusei Kishida.
  • But Is It Politics? - Flips the still-circulating question of "But is it reviews art?" from visual arts the 70s in order to pose reviews a new set of visual arts questions regarding cultural production\'s reviews potential or effect.
  • Zeke's Gallery - Commentary and criticism about the arts in Montreal. visual arts Includes reviews links to like-minded sites and blogs.
  • Worldwidereview - Reviews of contemporary art and culture. Particularly focused arts on London visual arts.
  • International Association of Art Critics - AICA comprises various experts anxious to develop international co-operation in the fields of artistic creation, dissemination and cultural development. [English, French, and Spanish]
  • David Barrett - The collected articles of a London-based contemporary art arts critic. Organized visual arts by magazine.
  • Information Art: Towards a Definition - Selection of papers and artwork by David Toppings. arts The work visual arts seeks to identify whether it is arts useful to categorize art visual arts by specific artists, media, arts or created through the process called visual arts "Information Art."
  • Iconophilia - An anthology of reviews and criticism of contemporary reviews art.
  • In Visible Culture - An electronic journal for visual studies. Provides a visual arts forum arts for critical approaches to the production and visual arts analysis of arts cultural objects. Features essays and art visual arts projects.

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