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Self-taught artists whose art work clearly has an unrestricted feel; mainstream artistic boundaries are crossed. Generally, more sophisticated than southern folk art and created by people from all walks of life and regions of the world, not just the southern/southeastern parts of the United States.

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  • Kelly Moore - Arkansas outsider artist with nicely arranged online site/gallery featuring bold, folk art whimsical art.
  • Reuven Shezen - Israeli artist dedicated to creating outsider art. Thumbnailed gallery of his art.
  • - The work of outsider artist David 23.
  • Art by Grego - blues folk art - Texas outsider artist with whimsical, blues-themed creations.
  • Floria Yancey - Southern black folk artist. Abstracts and vibrant colors.
  • Colt, Mike - Venice Beach, California artist paints in colorful themes outsider art of artists seascapes, African and tribal, jazz, and sensual.
  • Inez Nathaniel Walker - Self-taught drawings created during imprisonment.
  • Willard J. - Outsider Folk Artist - From Elvis to alligators, angels to satan. Bright folk art paint, outsider art bottle caps, and wood are commonly used.

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